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Prepare for a storm, flood, or natural disaster before it strikes or after it occurs at American Disaster Relief Directory!

"Loss of life can be avoided through emergency planning and education"

Prepare for a storm, flood, or natural disaster before it strikes or after it occurs at:

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American Disaster Relief Directory is a collection of resources, agencies and organizations designed to prepare people for natural disasters or to help them recover from a disaster that has already damaged their lives. The directory provides assistance by combining available resource organizations here in one place for quick and easy access. Use the victim profiles to search for loved ones who were recently in a disaster.

A disaster can leave you alone, frightened and displaced, isn't it better to be prepared and armed with resources that can make the transition to recovery a clear picture. Natural disasters can affect us all; rather you live in a rural area or metropolitan city, a natural disaster can be devastating for you, your family and your business.

A Hurricane is a tropical cyclone that produces strong winds and heavy rainfall. Hurricanes can cause floods and can be very deadly.

Floods are a result of a massive rain storm! They are caused when enough rain comes down in a short amount of time that the ground doesn't have time to soak it up. They are very dangerous and cause numerous deaths each year.

A wildfire is any fire that is not under control and is located in the countryside, rather than a suburban location. Wildfires will use grass, trees or any local vegetation for it's fuel.

A volcano is a mountain that has a whole on the top which acts like a vent for the earth. Volcanoes expels lava, steam, and ashes continuously or at particular times.

Tsunamis are waves that are created by ground disturbances, such as earthquakes. They happen deep underwater in the ocean. The waves travel for great distances, under the deep water. As the approach a land mass, the water is more shallow, which forces the waves up and out of the water onto the beach with great force.

A tornado is a dark, funnel containing violent rotating air that develops below a heavy cloud mass and extends toward the earth. It is very dangerous and causes a lot of destruction.

An Earthquake is when two bordering tectonic plates in the Earth crusts slip next to each other. This releases large amounts of energy in the Earths surface as the Surface of the earth actually moves when the earthquake occurs.

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