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Hope in Chicago “Poetic Justice” June 15, 2012 - St. Joseph Baptist Church, Chicago, IL

Mark your calendar Friday June 15, 2012 at 7:30pm we will be hosting Hope in Chicago “Poetic Justice” 2012 outside St. Joseph Baptist Church located 611 East Pershing Rd, Chicago, IL, There will be soloist, Praise Ministry, Choirs and speakers. I pray you can make it and Bring someone with you as we bring Peace to the community.

Our Mission Statement:
To remove any barriers that prevent adults, teens, and families in need of receiving educational assistance, spiritual healing, and wholeness that negatively impact them by this world. This is done through our collaboration of churches, businesses, and social service agencies

Also, We want to continue to thank you for your prayers and note of encouragement. I have to say this has been a journey to get The Pastors Chat, Murder in the City, Victory and Addiction Shows, along with the Internet Radio Station up and running.

We have just finished our first 6 months of taping and returned yesterday with a open and candid discussion on Murder in the City. You can now go back to The Pastors Chat and view the new shows.

We still will be having Pastors Chat this evening beginning at 8pm! Go to:

If you click on the following Link and scroll down to page 51, you will see an article that My wife and I wrote for a magazine out of Atlanta which may spark your interest.

We pray you will make it to our upcoming event and of course bring the family with you as we will bring Peace to the community. We look forward to a warm and welcoming gathering and may God continue to bless you and your love ones!

Rev. Parrish Moorman
Pastors Chat Host


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