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Volunteer in Angels of Praise Productions, Chicago, Illinois

Position Type: Stage Manager - Local Volunteering (in person)
Address: 8108 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60620 United States


The Stage Manger has complete responsibility for the coordination of everything that happens onstage and backstage in preproduction, during rehearsals, and in performance. In addition, s/he is the director’s right hand and the voice of the director in his/her absence, assisting her in preproduction planning, auditions and rehearsals and is the liaison between the director and the design staff, often between the director and the cast. Responsibilities include but not limited to: 1. Assisting the director with research and all phases of pre-production 2. Organizing and running auditions 3. Planning preparing and distributing rehearsal schedules, cast lists, contact sheets, sign-in sheets and rehearsal reports and maintaining contact with the cast and crew. 4. Assembling and maintain the prompt book, which is defined as the accurate playing text and stage business, together with such cure sheets, plots, daily records, etc. as are necessary for the actual technical and artistic operation of the production. Therefore, all script changes must be given to the stage manager as she is responsible for recording all technical for actors cure and line changes.


Individual must have at least 3 years of experience in theater, supervision, directing and or productions. Good communications skills

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If you are interested and/or have experience and want to join our family please contact

Ms. Sally Dorsey
at 773-430-1063 or

Ms. Roberta at:


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