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Volunteer and Donations Needed in (R)eaching (A)ll (I)mpoverished (N)ations

(R)eaching (A)ll (I)mpoverished (N)ations

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Keyser, West Virginia 26726
United States

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Number of People Being Served: 40000

Mission Statement

​​R.A.I.N. is a (501c pending) Organization whose mission is, but not limited to: *Help homeless and/or needy people around the globe, (orphans/elderly/poverty stricken/etc.) *Spread Christianity and provide Christian educational materials to groups and/or individuals. *Provide food, clothing, shelter, and other basic living supplies and/or needs that may be required. *Provide scholastic materials that aid localized education programs that teach and empower through various local projects. *Improve over-all welfare/living standards/self-reliance/etc. and impart hope through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. *Assist with basic supplies (water, blankets, tarps, etc.) to whomever and wherever in the event of a natural disaster.


(R)eaching (A)ll (I)mpoverished (N)ations is geographically located in Keyser, West Virginia, U.S.A. and operates globally to improve the welfare of needy individuals and/or groups from any and all Ethnic backgrounds, creeds, and/or religious beliefs.
Organizational Statement of Faith

In short, the two main goals of R.A.I.N. are to bring help to a hurting world and to be a distributor of God's abundant blessings. We realize that as individuals we are the appointed and anointed children of God. We are the Church that is talked about throughout the Scriptures and New Testament. Our mission is to be that Church, to care for orphans, widows, and any whom the Holy Spirit leads us to help. We are the children of the latter rain and we come in the name of the Lord.

Program Type

Homeless Program
Orphans/elderly/poverty stricken
Provide food, clothing, shelter, scholastic materials
Natural Disaster Assistance

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