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It brings us joy to lend a helping hand to those that work hard ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objective is to effectively help promote your digital media product through our online radio and web promotions.

Who we are

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is the hub for Christian Music Marketing And Advertising with four sister websites and affiliate partners working together to promote Independent Gospel Artists and Labels. We also assist Gospel Radio Stations, Ministries, and related organizations with sales and exposure. Listed below you will find our sister websites with more media marketing details.

Our Marketing The Gospel website Involves more than just exposure and providing Storage space for your songs! It provides an Interactive Marketing Strategy that engage with fans to create potential sells! We use strategies that target fans that are more likely to eventually make a purchase! It's a music marketing website that allows automated tools to help you interact with fans and establish a rapport. A marketing website that leaves out distractions, which typically deter fans from buying your music!

Our Gospel Radio Promotions website offers affordable radio spots, song submissions, and music-review job positions.

Lastly, our Public Relations Blog is where our Contributing Christian Music Examiners and Blog Ministers promote Indie Artists, our partner's products and services, Christian Ministries, and marketing tips.

In-House Marketing

Some of our affiliate partners offer free marketing incentives that can help with exposure. Likewise, Devine Jamz Gospel Network offer free publicity services for Christian and Gospel ministries.

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