Free Article Submit And Free Social Media Distribution

Free Article Submit And Free Social Media Distribution


Receive our Free Social Media Distribution when you publish on this website an informative and valuable article. The article should not be a direct pitch for selling something. However, it can indirectly include information that relates to either an area that you consider yourself an expert, marketing company, social media marketing strategies, music promotion opportunities, public relations opportunities, Christianity, or any information that you believe will educate our readers.

1) Must be in English and at least 600 words (no exceptions).

2) Put hyperlink text in parentheses with the URL included.

For example: (Gospel Music PR Blog - will be converted to 1 hyperlink: Gospel Music PR Blog.

We will accept 1 hyperlink with our free publishing. For a small donation, we will add SEO options upon your request as indicated on the submit form.

3) The article must be new and original content that has never been published elsewhere on the web. 

4) The article must have minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes.

5) You must "Like" our Facebook Page before submitting the article.