Sales And Marketing In The Music Industry

Sales And Marketing In The Music Industry

Many of you artists did not ask to get in the sales and marketing business. 

But it's something you will have to learn if you are trying to market and sell a service or product! Of course, you can always hire a creative marketing team. Still, you should learn some basics to assure you're not being taken advantage of.

DIY Jobs Can Save You Thousands

I learned from my mother that unless I have enough money where that I need not balance my checkbook. I better learn some essential information about whatever I need to purchase and how to reduce the cost. Otherwise, I'm going to watch life pass me by waiting on a deal or a freebie! When I was a child, my mother had no intentions of being an auto mechanic. Yet believe me when I tell you she learned early how to service the fundamental upkeep to her vehicle and saved 30 to 60 dollars when her car needed a tune-up. Mom had no problems taking out a spark plug and getting a little dirt on her hands. Why? She despised surrendering cash for basic things that auto mechanics could have effortlessly advised her the manner by which to do-it-herself. I can only imagine how much money mom would have saved if the Internet were around back in the day. She would be a walking encyclopedia. The Internet can give you so much information and access to credible databases where you can teach yourself about the sales and marketing business.

Don't Be Intimidated By Marketing Terms

Sales And Marketing In The Music Industry
Now if you've done a little homework on the sales and marketing business, you ought to have some essential thought where to begin with your project. On the other hand, you might be like some who fear the fancy words and info graphs that is used in marketing and haven’t gone near the text. Don’t believe the hype saints! That is, I have discovered that the words utilized are only a trade for normal words we use in our ordinary walk in life.

For example, "Conversion = A sale or some type of result"; "Leads = A contact name and email"; "Direct Marketing = Communicating directly to the consumer"; "ROI = Return On Marketing Investment" etc. Heck, the average marketer has no clue of the basic music terms! Unless music marketing is their niche, they are probably just afraid to go near the subject in fear of looking unintelligent. On the other hand, if they want to make money marketing music they will research and learn the meaning of the terms and purpose used in the music industry. Such as "Indie = Independent"; "Lead Sheet = A form of musical notation"; "16 Bars = 16 measures of the music"; "Beats = Regular rhythmic pattern" etc.

It Helps To Utilize Resources That Broaden Your Thinking

So fear not the sales and marketing business child of God! Simply make the plunge where you require service and start researching using sites like wikipedia for definitions. You can also go to our online news source where we maintain Christian Music Marketing News to help broaden your thinking. You will feel confident as you start believing more in yourself. Not to mention you’ll save hundreds of dollars on the grounds that marketing can be exceptionally expensive! Let me know how things turn out for you. I'm eager to read what you received from doing a little research. God bless and I hope this blog has been of some encouragement and inspiration!

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