Don't post just a song to your audience! Provide a transparent experience as well!

Content Marketing

If you are an artist that enjoys writing and sharing original information with others, great news! Your content can help you receive more customers to your website, squeeze page, or blog site! Content marketing is one of the most popular strategies used to retain traffic!

The personification of this system is the conviction that you pass on consistent, constant essential information to buyers, and eventually be compensated with their business and immovability.

What To Write About

Gospel Music Public RelationsSo what do you write about? Take into consideration what your targeted audience is interested in. How will your content benefit them? For indie artists, fans want to read about your experience in life! They want to know more about you and establish a connective-ness that will give them a deeper purpose to purchase your music.  If you keep a journal it can be a great source to grab bits and pieces of your life story. The idea is to be original and authentic so that it keeps your audience engaged and coming back.

Providing them with relevant and desired information rather than your typical sales pitch allows one to view the personal side of you. For instance, Joyce Meyer often tells her experience that as a child she was sexually assaulted over 100 times by her father. Donnie McClurkin shared how he became a victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his great uncle, and years after by his great uncle's son.

As a singer-songwriter, I’m sure you have much you can discuss from many different viewpoints. Dig in deep and let your fans get to know you and how you developed to become the person you are today.

Other ways of creating content includes using keyword search. What you would do is choose keywords within your niche and do a Google search to see what articles will display. Read a couple of the articles then assimilate the information and retell it in your own words. Be sure not to plagiarize any of the content and use links to site your references.

Sharing Your Content
If you have a blog site, write informative articles on it and share the blog post to social networks such as Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmark, etc. Get more exposure by requesting to write your articles on other related blog sites that receive high traffic. Most blog owners will allow you to create a short bio with your website link at the end of every article you create. You can also include a few links within your article to link back to related information on your squeeze page, blog or website. This creates backlinks which Google use to help measure the popularity of your website, blog or squeeze page.

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we assist writers through our Public Relations. It can help you build a great relationship with your fans and customers. It’s critical to speak with your clients and different partners to help them comprehend your story. It can not only promote your music, but also news updates, press releases, current and upcoming projects, announcements, and any other publicity content.

Be Patient

Occasionally we observe artists take a leap of faith with "do-it-yourself" marketing strategies but do not succeed because they are impatient and do not give it enough time to take effect. If results are not seen right away some artists will give up or deviate from the strategy. Stay consistent, faithful, fervent creating your content. If you use SEO techniques such as adding labels to articles, entering the search description, use relevant permalinks, include key search words and links in the body of the article, disperse different content on high ranking related websites, add your landing page links to images, edit the html image code to include your article keywords (Ex. alt="Easy Guide For Getting Customers") and you will eventually see results. Sooner or later leads will come your way! There is more you can learn, but the basics have always proven to be effective! Our theory is this, if you are doing all that you possibly can do to fulfill God’s calling then trust that he will do His part! Leave us a comment or your question in the comment box for further assistance on this topic.

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