Marketing That Provides More Than Exposure

Direct Marketing 

It's no secret that major record labels no longer control all of the radio, venues, and distribution channels as they did in the past. Yes, they can make it easier to get on the commercial radio or on the limited shelf space in a retail store. But, indie artists have a choice to hire a music marketing company to provide direct marketing promotions.  

The direct marketing model completely bypasses the major record label model. Marketers are able to create interest in your music by identifying targeted fans more likely to listen to your style of music. Through various promotions and software tools, they can develop a relationship, monetizes those relationships, and use those relationships to expand the fan base. Direct marketing also serves as a model for up sales and the ability to market to the same person over and over again! Sounds pretty simple right! The concept actually is! Strategies used in direct marketing has been used for several decades. But we have to admit it takes time, hard work, and can even take several hundred dollars. Some of the expenses to consider is the cost for paid campaign ads, automated software tools, search engine optimization techniques, high-value websites, content marketing, video marketing, and other marketing strategies and sources. Also, depending on your budget targeting your fans can take days, weeks, or even months before you will see any generated traffic that will excite you!

Realistic Promotions That Works

The promotion that many really like is the world radio promotion. It’s not your typical radio airplay! It’s a 3-month long campaign where you're placed on the Top 10 US Charting, Europe’s Indie Top 200 Chart, Top 20 Radio Countdown on 700 stations, listed on The World Stage, multiple music reviews, digital press kit, and you are given content publishing. Another great promotion is the featured spotlight artist promotion. It's designed for the top leading performers. Only a select number of artists can qualify for this premium marketing. It eliminates various distractions that prevent the earning of revenue. Do you agree that your project deserves more than exposure? If the answer is yes, then you should be contacting a marketer that provides more than exposure right now!
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