Sunday, August 31, 2014

Get 2 Months of Free Marketing When You Purchase Any of Our Featured Artist's Songs!

Amazon Store At Devine Jamz Gospel Network (DJGN) help our Featured Christian Artists with sells by exposing their music and products to our followers and consumers!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network (DJGN) offers 2 Months Free Marketing when you purchase any of our Featured Christian Artist's songs that's $5.00 in total value or more from our Amazon Website!

DJGN Christian Featured Artists:

Stephanie Greaves - a vocalist, lyricist, choir executive, acclaim and love pioneer, and a pastor. "Children Obey" is her introduction single and the presentation collection "Among The Gods" is her debut album! Listen to this amazing album! There's inspiration with different melodies and rhythms in every song!

Gina Mariah - She call her songs "Music With A Mission" because it is just that! The impact she creates from her unique pop style of singing earns many requests to perform at weddings, funerals and events. Gina's first single is called "Do You Know?" It asks the question do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I care? It is catchy and many have said uplifting or inspiring.

Phil Marks Sr - The Contemporary Christian Music by Phil Marks Sr. Helps Interpret God’s Message As Applied In This Modern Day And Age! The songs "Grace From Heaven", "Come Away With Me", "Moment To Moment", "Come Follow Me", and 10 others are written by Phil and his wife Annie Marie Marks and are arranged by Manfred Dreilich. They are performed by Phil Marks Sr. and seek to inspire people to become closer to God.

Gods Vessel - Christian Hip Hop Artist with a irrevocable calling! His hit single “I’m a Rider for the Lord Yahweh” is on the album “The Transformation: Last Chance to Right My Wrongs”. The lyrics are by GODs Vessel and the beat is by Geno Montana. God’s Vessel Music is Going Full Throttle With New Album “Purpose Driven” (I Got Ten Behind Me) coming soon. These 13 tracks will alsobless your soul!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gina Mariah is Going To Be Taking Part Within The Final Round For The Rising Stars Competition Wednesday, August 27th at 7:00pm in PDT!
Hey family, our featured artist Gina Mariah is going to be taking part within the final round for the Rising Stars Competition Wednesday, August 27th at 7:00pm in PDT! Say a prayer for your sister in Christ and if possible drop some words of encouragement! I do know several of you has been in her shoes and extremely required that further boost before your performance! Thus certainly you're the most effective person to relay the proper message! Even thumbs up can work if you’re press for time! It's all-good!

Devine Jamz will continue praying for our artists and those of you who are united together with us on Facebook and in the kingdom of God! We are behind you all!

Marketing The Gospel By
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A New And Advance Online Platform is Underway For Our Partner At Indie Gospel Artists!

New Features - Coming Soon

How soon? It could be as soon as a couple weeks. We are getting very close. Indie Gospel is finally migrating away from it's home on the Ning platform. We are moving into a sophisticated, enterprise quality, Content Management System (CMS).
It's a cutting edge, open source system, recently developed by our friends over at Jamroom. They have specialized in building social /music based scripts for over 10 years, and their new system is a total "gamechanger". It simply leaves everything else in the dust. 
Ning's recent policy changes toward handling media files, put us in a real bind. Close down, move elsewhere, or carry on with no players. It has been a source of stress to me for some time, but now we have a solution that is empowering.
The content that you uploaded is safe and will transfer into the new script as JSON files. What's more, we will be able to do more than I ever dreamt possible.
The new Indie Gospel is built with adaptive CSS media queries, to serve all devices and browsers. It has sophisticated tools, unparalleled social connectivity, and full ecommerce integration.

WAAOM charities will receive deluxe accounts for FREE, there are also FREE sign-up levels for artists and regular members. All are welcome, and everyone gets to keeps 100% of any sales they make using our platform.
Businesses, pro artists, promoters, producers, and labels can also subscribe to premium services, such as advertising, or deluxe full featured accounts. For instance, labels & producers can manage multiple artist accounts simultaneously through their account.
Join for free, subscribe only if you need more features or space. Those who subscribe to paid services, will fund us forward in our mission to "win souls and feed kids".
Our content at the gospel-jukebox has already been copied over, it won't be long before our content here is also migrated. A software tool is already under development  to automate the process, and it will also be used to rescue other music based networks as well. 
One day soon you will take a huge leap forward into the future. A new password will be emailed to you, and you will be able to log-in to the new system - with your content intact.
What will be new? Everyone can make sales and keep 100%. What do you have? Smart phone, tablet, computer - it makes no difference. The new network adapts to any device or browser. 
Got files on Soundcloud, Flickr, Vimeo or Youtube? No problem, just import them in bulk, quickly and easily. Want to upload songs directly to the network itself, it's easy, and every popular form of media is supported. What's more, your content is linked to a powerful and safe ecommerce solution. 
Your customers and clients can pay direct by credit card, from practically anywhere in the world, or just check-out through Paypal. Make endless playlists, our new branded players will work even on Facebook. Social sign in and sharing options are endless. Content management is down to a science, I could go on and on...
What's old? We get to keep the content we collectively have pooled together, as a means of attracting attention to worthy charities and spreading the Gospel. Our radio and advertising sites are unaffected, as is our Biker Ministry, newspaper, podcast, and various charity sites.
Scripts, plugins, server space, domain names, programmers - they all cost money and boy can they suck it up fast. If you are a person of means, now would a good time for some donations to come in. Our donate button is tax deductible through WAAOM 501(c)(3), please help if you can.
The new script is up and running, and I'm configuring it behind the splash screen over at
Be Blessed,
Ken Rich
Network Creator

Friday, August 22, 2014

Straight To The Point Music Marketing Training That Every Artist Who Uses Facebook Should Learn!

Time Saving And Fast Results With Marketing Music!

First let me say this right off the top! If you are not ready to invest in your own music and you’re one who is looking for a free ride to success, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! I don’t mean to offend anyone, but there is no way around it if you are seeking the best in marketing! The bottom line is that you will need to have quality music and money to broadcast your online works to a targeted audience! And I’m talking about the targeted audience who is seeking your style of music you claim to have available! Trust me, they are out there in cyber space, but it will cost you to advertise directly and solely to your potential fans!

Those of you who have been following my blogs know that I’m a straight shooter and only put out information that I believe is worth looking into or depending on what stage you’re at with your music it’s very useful!

Facebook Best Feature!

So here’s the deal family! Many of you guys use Facebook for various reasons and that’s cool. I even use it for many occasions to alert artists about our partner’s services and/or broadcast news regarding our featured artists. We even help where we can with free opportunities that will encourage our Christian brothers and sisters such as the recent SoundCloud promotion! But what we mainly use Facebook for is probably what every marketer uses it for and that’s there PAID ADVERTISING SERVICES!

Where To Direct Your Traffic!

Now don’t start using the service if you are clueless on how it works. Also, please don’t use it to send traffic to your iTunes, CDBaby, or any other 3rd party distribution sales page that list your tunes! I mean you can, but there is a much better strategy that works and will get you better results! Not only that, there is a better way of tracking visitors using Facebook conversion codes on your own sales page or squeeze page!

That leads to the next topic. The training will show you how to get a squeeze page for only five bucks! Some of you are probably wondering what the devil is a Squeeze Page. Well, I’m not able to go into details for the sake of time and in all fairness to those who hired us for our marketing services!

Oh yea, we also ask for a donation for our marketing services! We have to pay the bills we accumulate from the various servers, platforms, software, and tools we use to market our featured artists! But one thing is for sure, our services is beyond reasonable when you investigate what all it takes regarding websites, software, tools, and the labor we provide for an entire year! But fret not! That is why we are partnered with other great businesses that can offer you the training and services I know you guys need for your career!

So if you are an artist who is ready to invest in marketing and don’t want to waste money or time, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Watch The Presentation Live And View Fast Results!

Our partner over at Music Marketing Manifesto (MMM) is about to conduct a Music Ads Workshop! “In a nutshell, it's is a Live, Online Workshop, in which you will learn how to use Facebook advertising to grow your fan base and sell music!” (MMM).

You all should know by now that the internet offers many new opportunities to grow your fan base and really apply an ROI based marketing strategy that, when things are dialed in, really do work. That means that you can spend X amount of money on advertising and make even MORE as a result.

Major Label Artist And Successful Music Marketer!

Here’s my advise to you. Do some Google searches to compare and contrast what is being offered by MMM! If you find a better deal from a major label artist and marketer who will teach you what you will learn in this workshop, let me know! This workshop offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the training! But I’m pretty sure you will walk away a changed person and start looking at Facebook in a different way!

Now I tell people in advance that when you view the promo video you will hear John, the founder, and might think he’s just a sales person lol! But he is not! He’s a really cool dude when you get to know him better. He is very proud of his marketing business and should be! But that’s for you to find out!

You can take it or leave it. Your choice! I hope you take a leap of faith and learn what is needed! And as always, I pray that you receive God’s devine favor! I hope this blog has been of some help to you and if so, I’ll see you on the other side!


Brenda Solomon

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Congratulations To The 13 Recipients Selected For The (1) Year Gospel Song Marketing Promotion

In no particular order, the independent judges selected the following recipients and songs for our 1-Year SoundCloud Music Marketing Promotion for 2014 - 2015:

1. Fissyhelen - SA ASALA
2. Glory Child - He Reigns
3. TheMartyrsProject - Clement
4. Firelightbandofbelievers - Holy
5. Catrinagospeljazztress - Made A Way
6. EricssonvillE - Need Your Spirit
7. Pookie wit tha Uzi - Soul
8. Solomon Bozeman - Tell Me, Can We Make It
9. YaGurlBeeZee - You Christ
10. Minister Kaine - Thank You
11. MCBN Radio - You've Been Right There
12. Rillay - Yes
13. Piet Goemans – Call On Jesus – City of Gold

The SoundCloud playlist is also located on two of our custom playlists and websites at &

All three playlists was submitted to Eagle Ads. They offer a portal into 4 huge marketing networks where anyone can purchase ads for marketing. The ads we used for this particular promotion included:

1. Traffic Link ad(s)
2. Login ad(s)
3. Hot link(s)
4. Solo Ad
5. MS Network Ads
6. Kiwi Super Solos(s)

Also, another way to get easy advertising is by simply posting your announcements in our Free Linkedin Group. We select member's updates and posts them to our Gospel Music Entertainment News website that is published weekly! 

We hope that we have been of some help using our resources and connections. We will maintain the songs for those who did not get selected for future use. At some point we will have other promotions and if it includes soundcloud songs, your music will be included as participants! But get connected to us to re assure you are in the loop! 

Special thanks to our Christian Music Examiners Fred Willis and David Moore for being our judges and experts making the selection! 

Special thanks to Indie Gospel Artists - C.E.O. Ken Rich for sponsoring our promotions through Eagle Ads and Indie Gospel Radio!  


Support Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network