Monday, January 26, 2015

Submit Christian Articles - Free Marketing And Social Media Distribution

Submit Christian Article
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Submit Christian Article
If you're like some that have a difficult time discovering points to expound on, why not take the chat you discussed on social networks with your companions and transform it into a short article. I‘m pretty sure that some of you can go back to your previous chat discussions between you and your friends and pull out a valuable subject. Even more, scan through the social network groups and communities you frequent and read the fascinating discussions others write about. Utilize their dialog as your premise for offering your thoughts from your own particular perspective and experiences.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

TV Advertising Spots At Competitive Rates

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Did you know that you could get competitive TV commercial spots? Devine Jamz Gospel Network collaborated with a partner to handle a wide assortment of projects for those that are seeking TV coverage on prime time TV, cable, and satellite dish.

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There are more than 30,000 agencies and firms in our exchange from all over the world who can provide any business with; TV and radio, web design, app design, marketing strategies, content, video, logo design, branding, PR, SEO, digital campaigns, lead generation - and much more.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015


Have you ever been convicted and wished you could go back and change things? Do you know when you are convicted of a crime you must suffer the consequences no matter how much we wish we could go back and change our actions. Do you know that peter dealt with the same problem. The Lord convicted Peter, which brought him to be converted. Would you join me? Lets take a look in depth.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Greg Finch - Multiple Awards Winning Singer Songwriter

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[Free Publicity Blog Post] Greg Finch began performing gospel music Sept. 10th 2004. He re-dedicated his life, music, and talents to Jesus Christ. He is happily married and have two precious daughters. Here are just a few of the blessings God has bestowed on Greg: 


1. In June 2009, he answered the call to Preach. God found him worthy…1Timothy 2: 3 - 8

2. Greg performed at The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN 2011.

3. Performed at the NQC in Louisville, KY. (National Quartet Convention 2011)

4. Recorded a “LIVE” DVD at TBN (Trinity Broad Casting Network, Hendersonville, TN.) 2011.

5. Greg is the first recipient of the “Little Jimmy Dickens Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend Award 2012” through the Georgia Country and Gospel Music Association (GCGMA.). It was presented to him personally by Little Jimmy Dickens at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. This has to be the Highlight of Greg's musical career. 

6. Breg charted his first single “Heaven Bound” on Cash Box Magazine/Southern Gospel Music Chart with Bruce Elrod in 2014. 

7. In March 2014, Greg received (2) Awards at NACMAI: North American Country Music Assoc. Int’l a. Most Promising Male Entertainer of the Year 2014, b. Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year 2014.

Greg Finch Ministries Online: