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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gospel Song Radio Promotion For Independent Gospel Artists and Ministries

The Various Gospel Radio Promotions at Devine Jamz Gospel Network are provided by affiliate marketers we teamed up with! Our affiliates are carefully selected by their performances and reliability. However, it is your responsibility to conduct your own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to use any of our information in any way.

Gospel Radio Song Spotlight - Remarkable Exposure 

Nia Radio Network has made it possible for artists to promote their Gospel music at rates you simply must explore for your self! They provide hundreds of listeners a month, several thousands of Twitter followers, 30 widget players posted across the Internet, a brand new growing Facebook page, and many of Devine Jamz Gospel Network's followers. This promotion will really boost your presence! As you explore the radio station at NIA Radio, just listen to their player then let the spirit of the Lord guide you in your decision making. Many traditional radio stations can charge for promotions anywhere from $500 a week and more. But, the Artist Showcase Promotion will only cost you $9.95!


Gospel Song Spotlight



Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Christian Documentary Film

There are millions of people who are confused by the many different branches of Christ and require direction. BegBiz is pleased to announce the completed production of their upcoming documentary film entitled “Denominations of Christ.”

The goal of the film is to provide explanations of the similarities and differences between Non-Denominational, Catholic, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Orthodox, Protestant, Methodist, Mormon, 7th day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, Baptist, and other Christian ministries to help people who seek direction and also to help bring them closer to Christ

To achieve this goal, the makers of the upcoming documentary reached out to a number of pastors and theologians and conducted interviews. They asked several questions that were pertaining to ministry, inclusiveness, service, and interfaith work. BegBiz believes the movie will be a great platform for viewers to explore the many opportunities and branches of Christianity and help them determine which denomination is right for them.

An upcoming series of films profiling individuals from different religious traditions, geographic locations, ethnic identities and generations as they practice their faith is also in the works. It is the intention of these series to act as a supplement to each denomination’s beliefs.

"Denominations of Christ" is a documentary created to educate, inspire and enlighten those seeking a better understanding of our Lord and Savior. You can find out more information about the upcoming documentary by visiting their website where you can view a segment of the film.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Lets face it, many of us did not ask to get in the sales and marketing business. 

But it's something we will have to learn if we are trying to market and sell a service or product! Of course, we can always hire a creative marketing team. Still, you should learn some basics to assure you're not being taken advantage of.

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Learning About Cars Saved My Mom Thousands

I learned from my mother that unless I have enough money where that I need not balance my checkbook. I better learn some essential information about what ever I need to purchase and how to reduce the cost. Otherwise I'm going to watch life pass me by waiting on a deal or a freebie! When I was a child, my mother had no intentions of being an auto mechanic. Yet believe me when I tell you she learned early how to service the fundamental upkeep to her vehicle and saved 30 to 60 dollars when her car needed a tune-up. Mom had no problems taking out a spark plug and getting a little dirt on her hands. Why? She despised surrendering cash for basic things that auto mechanics could have effortlessly advised her the manner by which to do-it-herself. I can only imagine how much money mom would have saved if the Internet were around back in the day. She would be a walking encyclopedia. The Internet can give you so much information and access to credible databases where you can teach yourself about the sales and marketing business.

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Don't Be Intimidated By Marketing Terms

Now if you've done a little homework on the Sales and Marketing business, you ought to have some essential thought where to begin with your project. On the other hand, you might be like some who fear the fancy words and info graphs that is used in marketing and haven’t gone near the text. Don’t believe the hype saints! That is, I have discovered that the words utilized are only a trade for normal words we use in our ordinary walk in life.

For example, "Conversion = A sell or some type of result"; "Leads = A contact name and email"; "Direct Marketing = Communicating directly to the consumer"; "ROI = Return On Marketing Investment" etc. Heck, the average marketer has no clue of the basic music terms! Unless music marketing is their niche, they are probably just afraid to go near the subject in fear of looking unintelligent. On the other hand, if they want to make money marketing music they will research and learn the meaning of the terms and purpose used in the music industry. Such as "Indie = Independent"; "Lead Sheet = A form of musical notation"; "16 Bars = 16 measures of the music"; "Beats = Regular rhythmic pattern" etc.

It Helps To Utilize Resources That Broaden Your Thinking

So fear not the sales and marketing business child of God! Simply make the plunge where you require service and start researching using sites like wikipedia for definitions. You can also go to our digital marketing magazine where we maintain updated marketing articles to help broaden your thinking. You will feel confident as you start believing more in your self. Not to mention you’ll save hundreds of dollars on the grounds that marketing can be exceptionally expensive! Let me know how things turn out for you. I'm eager to read what you received from doing a little research. God bless and I hope this blog has been of some encouragement and inspiration!


Brother Ray 
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Sunday, February 15, 2015

If you want your music to be taken seriously when pitching for funding, we urge you to introduce an expert looking marketable strategy in the MBA form.

Fundraising Business Plan And Software
Our New Business-Plan Software Provider 

After much research and consideration, Devine Jamz Gospel Network collaborated with the #1 business planning company in the world and opt-in to a marketing partnership that comprehends the meaning of "affordable" to independent musicians. Our new business provider will now take on large scale projects and help you write and manage your fundraising or kickstarter campaign by offering you the best programming that is used and trusted by more than 250,000 ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Fundraising Business Plan And Software
Get Fanancial Support With Appealing MBA Format 

It's no secret that indie artists are left with financing their own music project and must compete to receive available funds through fundraising and kickstarter campaigns. With a small investment you now have the opportunity to present a professional fundraising campaign with details that will certainly get the attention of serious lenders or investors.

If you don't think you need a professional appearance when presenting your pitch for funding, just go to Kickstarter and look at the indie musicians that received thousands of dollars in donations. I can guarantee that every one of those folks have a professional looking campaign and business content that appears they went to school for a MBA.

Are You Ready To Get More Involved Promoting Music?

You can not afford to present poor quality content in any way! There are artists who are for real and not playing around about their music business! They have used their money wisely and properly invested in them selves. But you can get the same jump-start when you connect with our business plan partners!

You don’t need thousands or hundreds of dollars either. We made the connection for you so that all you need to do is just receive the business plan blessings

Help At Every Step

Our business-planning expert, Tim Berry, provides advice and guidance at every stage of your plan. Business Plan Pro takes the guesswork out of writing a business plan. 

Everything You Need

Every chart, graph, and table that you'd expect to find in a business plan are included. You even get detailed industry research, tons of business resources, and more.

Get started now! Let us know if we can be of help in the connection process!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Christian Marketing Promoters

Monday, February 9, 2015

Can I take you back to the story of two men in a museum who saw a painting of a chess game. One character in the painting looked like a man and the other looked very much like the devil. The man was down to his last piece. The title of the painting was “Checkmate.” One of the two men looking at the painting was an international chess champion. Something about the painting intrigued him. He began to study it. He grew so engrossed that the man with him got a little impatient and asked what he was doing. The chess champion said, “Something about this painting bothers me. I want to study it for a while and you go ahead and wander around.”

When the friend came back, the chess master said, “We must locate the man who painted this picture. We must tell him he must either change the picture or change the title. I have determined there is something wrong with it.” His friend asked, “What’s wrong with the painting?” The man replied, “It is titled ‘Checkmate,’ but the title is wrong. The game is not over. The king still has one more move.”

If you have a moment, would you come in and listen to what the word like us to learn through this? The king has 1 more move

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Helpful Marketing Resource

New Marketing Resource

If you enjoy the gospel music entertainment news we publish in our weekly newspaper. I think you will appreciate the helpful marketing front line articles published in Devine Jamz Digital Magazine. It has tons of “do-it-yourself” marketing tips, strategies, and resources all in one location. The forefront articles are elegantly composed and reviewed before they are published. We have searched out the best of the best to provide for you mindfulness on how organizations showcase their products and services.

Easy To Read Language

One thing I can guarantee, you don’t need a four-year degree to learn many of the techniques you will find in the articles. No, what you need is the will power to 
learn what you may not be interested in. That includes reading the fundamentals about marketing. At the very least, you should be aware of what indie record labels define as “marketing” in their services. As stated in Hosea 4:6 “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge”. I mean that from the context of not taking advantage of free data that teach you what you should know about various marketing techniques. 

Working Together

Devine Jamz Gospel Network has bent over backwards sharing knowledge learned from doing the research and taking time out of our lives to receive the training. Yet numerous artists still approach us with the goal of receiving free marketing services notwithstanding what we as of now accommodate for free! Let me say this, if you are one of those Christians who are focused only on yourself. Step back and re-examine yourself! There are many parts to the body of Christ and each part depends on each other. What makes you think that marketers can survive based on total free services? Even some with a 501(c) need donations to help maintain a ministry or business.

Unfortunately, some of you have been taken advantage of by a few record labels, businesses, and promoters who prey on those that don’t understand the marketing industry. They tell you they will provide top of the line marketing, but they don’t tell you that’s after you sell so many records on your own first. After they create your fancy web page and list your music in iTunes, you’re left with all the work of creating marketing strategies and pushing the music yourself. It’s not surprising because truth be told that’s one of the ways of knowing for sure that they will get a return on what they will invest in you through marketing services. However, the approach sometimes is very deceptive and not straightforward. Well, here is the opportunity to learn how to ask the right questions regarding marketing and what to look for before signing a contract.

We do our best providing freebies, but at certain levels of our services we also need a return on investment so we can keep the platforms running. The founder and financial investor of Devine Jamz Gospel Network certainly are not in it for the wealth! That’s proven by the low and affordable rates we offer Christian ministries. Yet, getting in debt and taking food from the table to market artists is not in the plans either.

You Save By Learning More

So, unless you are going to pay those that deserve to be compensated for doing what benefits you both. I propose you begin perusing free marketing resources every moment you can. The great thing is that you have us as an advocate who want to see you win in this spiritual fight! We will put marketing resources in our magazine in one location where you can easily retrieve the content. Once you start learning some of the easy do-it-yourself marketing techniques, you will gain confidence to take on more challenges. Please let us know if this has been of some help through your comment!

Brother Ray, A.
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Proficient music programming, sound rhythm and key changer programming, sound interpretation programming, the ideal tweaked sound lessons maker programming, call it what you might, however the majority of this - and a ton more - lives in the engine of Song Surgeon. Melody Surgeon has turned into a colossal hit in more than 100 nations over the world, adored by musical performers, transcribers, voice over specialists, dance experts, recording industry experts, educators and understudies.

Despite whether you are an entertainer that needs a basic key transposition of a melody, a musical artist honing new material or specialist whose occupation obliges you to listen to a bit of sound again and again, analyzing and circling that sound for backed off subtle element, Song Surgeon is an outright must have device on your machine. With sound quality that matches and some of the time even surpass what thousand-dollar studio quality programming items can offer. Song Surgeon is basic apparatus that is accessible at the shockingly reasonable cost. Song Surgeon will have you having an inclination that you got your cash's justified even despite with simply a couple of sessions of utilization, because of its mind blowing scope of usefulness and effectiveness. Also, Song Surgeon does not have a repeating charge. Pay for it once, download and keep it for eternity!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Submit Christian Article
Have you heard? When you compose optimized articles on a dynamic Content Management System (CMS), you create opportunities to receive traffic back to your landing page! Creating content is an important method that major search engines use to rank the popularity of a web source. So we created an alternate promotion where ministries can utilize our CMS, which is already indexed and have a good rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

We Take Your Articles To Another Level

Not only will you receive exposure from our optimized CMS, when you click and submit your Christian articles our marketers will distribute your message on tons of social networks, our Linkedin Group, the Gospel Music Entertainment News website, partner's platform, and other connected multi media platforms. 

Convert Your Chat Into Valuable Articles

Submit Christian Article
If you're like some that have a difficult time discovering points to expound on, why not take the chat you discussed on social networks with your companions and transform it into a short article. I‘m pretty sure that some of you can go back to your previous chat discussions between you and your friends and pull out a valuable subject. Even more, scan through the social network groups and communities you frequent and read the fascinating discussions others write about. Utilize their dialog as your premise for offering your thoughts from your own particular perspective and experiences.

Leave Your Web Mark In Your Articles

Since you now have an idea on how you can come up with subjects for your articles, leave a few back links in the content you create. That is, you have to innovatively blend in linked sentences that lead back to your own particular web page. Intrigued pursuers will more likely click on the link for additional information or a resource of value! If you need more details on how content marketing works check out the related article "Easy Guide For Getting Customers To Your Website, Blog, And Landing Page". Get started now and receive free marketing and distribution services!

Friday, January 23, 2015

gospel music blog
Did you know that you could get competitive TV commercial spots? Devine Jamz Gospel Network collaborated with a partner to handle a wide assortment of projects for those that are seeking TV coverage on prime time TV, cable, and satellite dish.

Blur Group handle a wide variety of projects including projects in the following categories: TV, Radio, Broadcasting, Design, Marketing, Content, Art, Innovation, Technology, Legal and Accounting.

Blur Group services are very useful for our clients, followers, and cross promoting partners who don’t have the resources. They are the
gospel music blog
recommended provider for our TV commercials and specialized projects!

There are more than 30,000 agencies and firms in our exchange from all over the world who can provide any business with; TV and radio, web design, app design, marketing strategies, content, video, logo design, branding, PR, SEO, digital campaigns, lead generation - and much more.

Statistically, users of blur Group save about 25% by using the exchange. Finding professionals utilizing this system saves a lot of money, since they are competing with one-another for your business.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Have you ever been convicted and wished you could go back and change things? Do you know when you are convicted of a crime you must suffer the consequences no matter how much we wish we could go back and change our actions. Do you know that peter dealt with the same problem. The Lord convicted Peter, which brought him to be converted. Would you join me? Lets take a look in depth.

gospel music blog

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gospel Music PR Blog
[Free Publicity Blog Post] Greg Finch began performing gospel music Sept. 10th 2004. He re-dedicated his life, music, and talents to Jesus Christ. He is happily married and have two precious daughters. Here are just a few of the blessings God has bestowed on Greg: 


1. In June 2009, he answered the call to Preach. God found him worthy…1Timothy 2: 3 - 8

2. Greg performed at The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN 2011.

3. Performed at the NQC in Louisville, KY. (National Quartet Convention 2011)

4. Recorded a “LIVE” DVD at TBN (Trinity Broad Casting Network, Hendersonville, TN.) 2011.

5. Greg is the first recipient of the “Little Jimmy Dickens Lifetime Achievement/Living Legend Award 2012” through the Georgia Country and Gospel Music Association (GCGMA.). It was presented to him personally by Little Jimmy Dickens at the Country Music Hall Of Fame. This has to be the Highlight of Greg's musical career. 

6. Breg charted his first single “Heaven Bound” on Cash Box Magazine/Southern Gospel Music Chart with Bruce Elrod in 2014. 

7. In March 2014, Greg received (2) Awards at NACMAI: North American Country Music Assoc. Int’l a. Most Promising Male Entertainer of the Year 2014, b. Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year 2014.

Greg Finch Ministries Online:

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Content Marketing

Gospel Music PR Blog
If you are an artist that enjoy writing and sharing original information with others, great news! Your content can help you receive more customers to your website, squeeze page, or blog site! Content marketing is one of the most popular strategies used to retain traffic!

The personification of this system is the conviction that you pass on consistent, constant essential information to buyers, and eventually be compensated with their business and immovability.

What To Write About

Guide For Getting Customers
So what do you write about? Take in consideration what your targeted audience is interested in. How will your content benefit them? For indie artists, fans want to read about your experience in life! They want to know more about you and establish a connective ness that will give them a deeper purpose to purchase your music.  If you keep a journal it can be a great source to grab bits and pieces of your life story. The idea is to be original and authentic so that it keeps your audience engaged and coming back.

Providing them with relevant and desired information rather than your typical sales pitch allows one to view the personal side of you. For instance, Joyce Meyer often tell her experience that as a child she was sexually assaulted over a 100 times by her father. Donnie McClurkin shared how he became a victim of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his great uncle, and years after by his great uncle's son.

As a singer songwriter I’m sure you have much you can discuss from many different viewpoints. Dig in deep and let your fans get to know you and how you developed to become the person you are today.

Other ways of creating content includes using key word search. What you would do is choose key words within your niche and do a Google search to see what articles will display. Read a couple of the articles then assimilate the information and retell it in your own words. Be sure not to plagiarize any of the content and use links to site your references.

Sharing Your Content
If you have a blog site, write informative articles on it and share the blog post to social networks such as Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Google Bookmark, etc. Get more exposure by requesting to write your articles on other related blog sites that receive high traffic. Most blog owners will allow you to create a short bio with your website link at the end of every article you create. You can also include a few links within your article to link back to related information on your squeeze page, blog or website. This creates back links which Google use to help measure the popularity of your website, blog, or squeeze page.

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we assist writers through our Contributing Christian Blogging opportunity. Individuals can submit a resume to join our team of volunteers. If you meet the qualifications you will have access to write on our Content Management System (blog) and receive other privileges. Ultimately, we offer you our audience to help you receive more customers that are interested in what you write about and sell.

Be Patient

Occasionally I observe artists take a leap of faith with "do-it-yourself" marketing strategies but do not succeed because they are impatient and do not give it enough time to take effect. If results are not seen right away some artists will give up or deviate from the strategy. It’s pitiful to see folks go through all the efforts following a proven plan then give up because they lack patience. Stay consistent, faithful, fervent creating your content. If you use SEO techniques such as adding labels to articles, entering the search description, use relevant permalinks, include key search words and links in the body of the article, disperse different content on high ranking related websites, add landing page links on images, edit the html image code to include your article key words (Ex. alt="Easy Guide For Getting Customers") and you will eventually see results. Sooner or later leads will come your way! There is more you can learn about content marketing, but the basics have always proven to be effective! My theory is this, if you are doing all that you possibly can do to fulfill God’s calling then trust that he will do His part! Leave us a comment or your question in the comment box for further assistance on this topic. By creatively incorporating a related and legitimate comment with your website link you will receive free and easy exposure! As always we pray that you receive God’s devine favor!

Written By Brother Ray, A.
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Published By Brenda Solomon
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Friday, January 2, 2015

Building A Fan Base Through Email Marketing is Not Only Effective For Earning Sells, But It's Also Affordable And Accessible!

What is Your Story?

Email Marketing Build Fans
Thus, we know by perusing the holy bible that we all have or will experience our trials and tribulations, correct? Also I'm certain my walk is not your walk! We all are on distinctive faith levels and have our story to impart! I can without much of a stretch review some time ago when I was experiencing a genuine enormous chaos. I mean various episodes took a swing at me all at the same time! I was involved in a major car accident and lost the use of my right arm, I had to medically retire in my Law Enforcement profession, and my finances dropped tremendosly! That was over 25 years ago, but I can recall the events like it was yesterday! Yet there are different times I can remember when I attained a huge objective that I set for myself. In any case, email marketing will help you present your story in a personal format and begin an open dialogue.

Where To Begin?

Email marketing likewise open the entryway for fans to make inquiries. It can help them understand the message you imparted through singing and songwriting. At the end of the day, fans feel more joined and have a deeper reason for purchasing your music.

So where do you start with email marketing? That is truly up to you! Often times it will begin with a squeeze page, splash page, or autoresponder pop up! That’s an entirely different subject that must be discussed in a different blog. It’s a process you don’t want to ignore, so be sure to research more about it.

For the purpose of time, lets simply start with the music you sing and expounded on! Utilizing any song, reflect back when you encountered the circumstances and the feelings that depict the mood you was in. Whether it was fiction or true to life, you had a reason for writing and singing the song!

Recount the story line when you needed to manage it around then. Don't shy away from the truth! You can simply re word information that you don't feel lead to go in details. The idea is to be as credible as could reasonably be expected. Sometimes holding back information by omission can work against you! Pray about it and seek first the kingdom of God for direction on how should you share certain information.

Tactics That Are Misleading

Email Marketing Build Fans
I'm certain a large number of you have caught wind of major labels that advised their artists to not disclose that they are married. Just for the reason for pulling in more fans. Also, for a long time you never heard about church folks ever dealing with a personal issue as if Christians live flawless. If that was the case, how can you testify without a testimony?

Sometimes, your fans need to have the capacity to know from your own particular words how you endured your trials. Despite the fact that your music may be stellar, your individual association with Christ is the thing that you were sent to the studio to mass-produce! Lets not overlook our calling and the extraordinary commission that Christ commanded! The great thing is that with technology there are a few approaches to how you can deliver email letters! God will never provide for you more than what you can deal with. For those that petition for marketing help, he has made a way!

Get Involved With Marketing

Email Marketing Build Fans
Are you eager to do what's essential? Marketers require more than your music to help you build an association with potential fans! We urgently require your story behind the music! Certainly, any marketing company can listen to your music and compose a story about what was heard. Yet will the message be bona fide? That is no distinction from what major label does with artists now. Many major labels take full control over your project and market your image and music how they see fit. If they want to give you an image that you don’t like, that’s to bad! Until you pay off the loan for their marketing administrations that is the way it’s going to be! Unless you procured a good lawyer that can get you an extraordinary deal!

No matter how you look at it, you’re going to pay for marketing so why not have control over your creativeness. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we cover the monthly expenses invested in websites, servers, software and email marketing management making it convenient for our artists to focus on the content. In addition, artists have access to free resources like YouTube to aid with delivering the message!

Methods of Delivery

Using video in your email is one of the most accessible and effective tool that let your fans know you are who you say you are. Your feature messages are more inclined to hold the attention span in light of the fact that it utilizes the visual faculties and sound faculties together. Fans that see artist on video or live streaming can view the authentic emotions that artists are feeling. Whether it’s sad, energizing, or a consolidation of both.

The next best accessible tool is radio interviews. There is nothing like another person putting you on the spot and inquiring your conviction and your motivation for composing and singing a melody. It can likewise include extra engagement from listeners that call a live show to make inquiries too. It's marvelous exposure to put in your email marketing letters.

And finally, writing a personal and breath taking email letter should hit the key points of your story. This might be more challenging keeping the attention span of your readers since nowadays everyone want everything by microwave, fast! But if you add a free gift with some of your email letters, it will make it worth the time to learn more about you!

It’s Up To You

The bottom line is this. No one can tell your story better than you can. You must require some serious energy out of your occupied calendar to captivate your online potential fans. Pretty much as artists go out to perform gigs, sign cd's, show up on special events. Your online fans ought to be considered important too! Demonstrate to your fans the same energy you had when you created your project!

This is a proven way to build a true and committed online rapport. After establishing a rapport, the opportunity to ask for a music purchase will not seem so superficial! Not only that, these are your targeted fans that you will be able to send future email to over and over again. You can show them your appreciation by offering them a very good discount on new music before its released in stores.

As long as you stay in touch with your fans, as you would keep a diary or journal, you will have fans waiting to purchase your new projects for the duration!

I hope this will help you better understand the importance of email marketing!

Written By Ray, A. Oster
Founder; CEO; Counsultant

Published By Brenda Solomon
Operations General Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network