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Featured Christian Pop Artist “Gina Mariah” Will Broadcast Live On “Lady In Faith Ministries” With Host “Cherie Holloman”

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Friends mark your calendar now and prepare for Tuesday October 21, 2014 @ 3:00 PM ESTListen in as Cherie Holloman, radio host and founder of "Lady In Faith Ministries" and "Black Diamond Enterprises" gets up close and personal with Featured Christian Pop Artist "Gina Mariah".
devine jamz gospel music PR blog
This UPLIFTING RADIO SHOW will incorporate stories straight from the mouth of Gina Mariah herself! Gina is a new rising star that was embraced through adoption at an early age. She accepted her spiritual calling and has performed live at many singing competitions and contests! Currently, Gina has a new release  project she calls “Music With A Mission”. You can learn more about her project by visiting her Gofundme web page. You can also find Gina's music  in stores at Amazon and iTunes.

WOULD YOU JOIN US October 21st at 3 PM EST? It’s going to be some genuine talking at " Lady In Faith Ministries "!

The telephone lines will be open for audience members that want to talk with Gina at 516-387-1647 and press 1.


Gina Mariah Online At: 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Learn How Indie Artists Build A Fan Base And Earn Sells Through Email Marketing

Building A Fan Base Through Email Marketing is Not Only Effective For Earning Sells, But It's Also Affordable And Accessible!

What is Your Story?

Email Marketing Build Fans
Thus, we know by perusing the holy bible that we all have or will experience our trials and tribulations, correct? Also I'm certain my walk is not your walk! We all are on distinctive faith levels and have our story to impart! I can without much of a stretch review some time ago when I was experiencing a genuine enormous chaos. I mean various episodes took a swing at me all at the same time! I was involved in a major car accident and lost the use of my right arm, I had to medically retire in my Law Enforcement profession, and my finances dropped tremendosly! That was over 25 years ago, but I can recall the events like it was yesterday! Yet there are different times I can remember when I attained a huge objective that I set for myself. In any case, email marketing will help you present your story in a personal format and begin an open dialogue.

Where To Begin?

Email marketing likewise open the entryway for fans to make inquiries. It can help them understand the message you imparted through singing and songwriting. At the end of the day, fans feel more joined and have a deeper reason for purchasing your music.

So where do you start with email marketing? That is truly up to you! Often times it will begin with a squeeze page, splash page, or autoresponder pop up! That’s an entirely different subject that must be discussed in a different blog. It’s a process you don’t want to ignore, so be sure to research more about it.

For the purpose of time, lets simply start with the music you sing and expounded on! Utilizing any song, reflect back when you encountered the circumstances and the feelings that depict the mood you was in. Whether it was fiction or true to life, you had a reason for writing and singing the song!

Recount the story line when you needed to manage it around then. Don't shy away from the truth! You can simply re word information that you don't feel lead to go in details. The idea is to be as credible as could reasonably be expected. Sometimes holding back information by omission can work against you! Pray about it and seek first the kingdom of God for direction on how should you share certain information.

Tactics That Are Misleading

Email Marketing Build Fans
I'm certain a large number of you have caught wind of major labels that advised their artists to not disclose that they are married. Just for the reason for pulling in more fans. Also, for a long time you never heard about church folks ever dealing with a personal issue as if Christians live flawless. If that was the case, how can you testify without a testimony?

Sometimes, your fans need to have the capacity to know from your own particular words how you endured your trials. Despite the fact that your music may be stellar, your individual association with Christ is the thing that you were sent to the studio to mass-produce! Lets not overlook our calling and the extraordinary commission that Christ commanded! The great thing is that with technology there are a few approaches to how you can deliver email letters! God will never provide for you more than what you can deal with. For those that petition for marketing help, he has made a way!

Get Involved With Marketing

Email Marketing Build Fans
Are you eager to do what's essential? Marketers require more than your music to help you build an association with potential fans! We urgently require your story behind the music! Certainly, any marketing company can listen to your music and compose a story about what was heard. Yet will the message be bona fide? That is no distinction from what major label does with artists now. Many major labels take full control over your project and market your image and music how they see fit. If they want to give you an image that you don’t like, that’s to bad! Until you pay off the loan for their marketing administrations that is the way it’s going to be! Unless you procured a good lawyer that can get you an extraordinary deal!

No matter how you look at it, you’re going to pay for marketing so why not have control over your creativeness. At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we cover the monthly expenses invested in websites, servers, software and email marketing management making it convenient for our artists to focus on the content. In addition, artists have access to free resources like YouTube to aid with delivering the message!

Methods of Delivery

Using video in your email is one of the most accessible and effective tool that let your fans know you are who you say you are. Your feature messages are more inclined to hold the attention span in light of the fact that it utilizes the visual faculties and sound faculties together. Fans that see artist on video or live streaming can view the authentic emotions that artists are feeling. Whether it’s sad, energizing, or a consolidation of both.

The next best accessible tool is radio interviews. There is nothing like another person putting you on the spot and inquiring your conviction and your motivation for composing and singing a melody. It can likewise include extra engagement from listeners that call a live show to make inquiries too. It's marvelous exposure to put in your email marketing letters.

And finally, writing a personal and breath taking email letter should hit the key points of your story. This might be more challenging keeping the attention span of your readers since nowadays everyone want everything by microwave, fast! But if you add a free gift with some of your email letters, it will make it worth the time to learn more about you!

It’s Up To You

The bottom line is this. No one can tell your story better than you can. You must require some serious energy out of your occupied calendar to captivate your online potential fans. Pretty much as artists go out to perform gigs, sign cd's, show up on special events. Your online fans ought to be considered important too! Demonstrate to your fans the same energy you had when you created your project!

This is a proven way to build a true and committed online rapport. After establishing a rapport, the opportunity to ask for a music purchase will not seem so superficial! Not only that, these are your targeted fans that you will be able to send future email to over and over again. You can show them your appreciation by offering them a very good discount on new music before its released in stores.

As long as you stay in touch with your fans, as you would keep a diary or journal, you will have fans waiting to purchase your new projects for the duration!

I hope this will help you better understand the importance of email marketing!

Written By Ray, A. Oster
The Founder And Counsultant

Published By Brenda Solomon

General Manager of Operations
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Friday, October 10, 2014

Where Are The Holy Hip-Hop Artists? TuneCore Published Hip Hop As The #1 Genre Leading Their Revenues and Releases In Their Market Place!

Whether folks like it or not, God is utilizing various sorts of inventive styles of music to achieve humanity with his uplifting news! Tragically, there are still some that decline to acknowledge Christian hip-hop as a style of worshiping and believe it ought not have a spot in the congregation. Regardless of the fact that the verses are fixated on the great commission, which is to spread the good news about Jesus Christ and to make disciples. Some are still stuck on religion and their conventional ways!

In any case, Tunecore has advanced that hip-hop music is at front and paving the way in their major distribution and publishing company. Although their hip-hop infograph does not specify which of the hip-hop artist’s proclaims Christ in their life. You can wager that the hip-hop culture incorporates Christian rap artists, singers, songwriters, musicians, and spoken word artists. We will share with you on our next blog a list of websites where you can find tons of artists that incorporate hip-hop in their ministry!

So to every one of you Christian artists who are putting in work by way of hip-hop, continue doing your thing and appeal to God for the individuals who talk against you! God will inevitably place them under control! The bible says, “When a man’s ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him” (Proverbs 16:7).

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

eRelease October Press Distribution Savings - Get Devine Jamz Gospel Network Coupon Code

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Whether you're searching for a marketing expert program that incorporates an one-year PR methodology, or simply need to have a single press release composed and appropriated, our affiliate partner over at eReleases can help you with it all!

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Learn How Artists Benefit With TuneCore iTunes Pre-Order

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TuneCore artists can set up an iTunes Pre-Order, which gives marketers time to hype your music before the official release date.

As marketers hype either your new album, single or EP before the release date, they also have the opportunity to build your fan list by offering Instant Gratification tracks at a discount in exchange for a name and email address!

Click on TuneCore iTunes Pre-Orderand learn how you can benefit for setting up your pre-order account on iTunes.

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