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Friday, April 24, 2015

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Ride With The Angels is music inspired by a dream and visions of an angel with long arms bending to protect humanity. It has an acoustic sound with vocals by Dan Mechem. The music presents grand tunes that are idea for easy listening fans. It was composed in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Palm Spring. The project was mixed and mastered at Studio 4 West giving the acoustic sound and vocals that much more clarity. This is an incredible gather of music and you will positively appreciate the work put into it by Dan Mechem!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spit your hottest 16 bars
Featured Christian Rap Artist "Pookie wit tha Uzi" Prepares For "Spit your hottest 16 bars" Contest!

Featured Christian Rap Artist "Pookie wit tha Uzi" will soon demonstrate his ability to contend as a skilled performer in the contest "Spit your hottest 16 bars".

The Spit your hottest 16 bars was made to be a sound and healthy competition amongst believers who use their blessings to express their love for God. This challenge will give Pookie an opportunity to gain more exposure as he express his self from a Christian perspective. In addition, 1st place prize includes:

• Exclusive Beat from Tone Jonez
• Full Page Print Ad in Rep Da King Mag
• Space Cherry Films Music Video
• Four Tickets to KB "Tomorrow We Live" Tour

We ask that you support us and encourage this young talented artist by voting on April 27th - May 1st (Click here to vote). Your vote can determine a successful outcome for Pookie! Winners will be announced Monday, May 4th.

Published on Apr 6, 2015

Jayreed spits a Hot 16 as an example of the kind of visual that is acceptable for the Tone Jonez Spit Your Hottest 16 Contest Sponsored by Rep Da King Mag, Space Cherry Films, Z180Media and Kingdom Promo.

*If you let us know on the day you cast your vote that you have done so we will return the love with a special Christian Advertising Promo in return!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian Contributing Blogger Dale Cook
The best teachers leave their mark on us long after we've left the classroom or after they have left this world. Do you ever think about what makes a good teacher? You might first think about influential teachers you've had at school, but this question could apply to non-traditional teachers as well. After all, learning can be a lifetime. What about someone who knows how to push you out of your comfort zone, inspired you, a mentor to you or someone who is just goofy. Who ever it was and whatever the situation, they started you off thinking about life and helped you to form an opinion about things. Would you join me on my video blog and allow me to share some thoughts and understanding through scripture?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spirit 2 Spirit at devinejams.com
[Submitted Article] God cannot and will not be denied His Glory. Judgment is reserved for Him alone and for His purpose. We all have gifts and talents knowingly and unknowingly. If used for His service, they will bring fruit.

Spirit 2 Spirit

Not many former mentally institutionalized addicts and convicted felons have much of a mind left, much less write and sing in hopes to encourage and inspire others. Truly I am saved by grace. And I want the world to know you too can be saved.

Spirit 2 Spirit are visionary brothers, Michael and Denny Jenkins, based in Capital Heights Md. We are a faith-based organization that believes music is a medium unmatched in reaching the masses. We believe our approach to music and ministry is unique in nature and possesses a profound magnetism in the faith based community. Our Mission is to not only develop the musical gifts and talents of our targeted audience, but to build a spiritual foundation and partnership as well. Our music, felloship, and other resources promote independent living and support humanitarian causes. Spirit 2 Spirit are advocates and innovators of "Message Music".

What Is Message Music?

Message Music, created by Spirit 2 Spirit, is a new and unique genre of music consisting of a clever mixture of a variety of music genres including gospel. Message Music is Christian-Faith-based music with a uniquely fresh appeal for listeners. People of diverse cultures, various age groups, races, and religious backgrounds can embrace this music.

We are now building an advocacy network. This network is made up with faith-based community service organizations and business groups. The purpose is to provide musical aid to both young and old that's interested in the community program. Participants will have an opportunity to pursue, develop and share their gifts in a training school setting. Classes includes learning about vocal songs, liturgical dance, instrumental music, creative writing, and audio and video recording. 

Spirit 2 Spirit Short Bio

Often dubbed “The Earth, Wind, And Fire of Gospel”, the driving force behind Spirit 2 Spirit are two brothers, Michael and Denny Jenkins. Together the two have over 50 years of musical experience. Michael plays bass, keyboards, and percussion. He's also skilled with lead and background vocals. He is a truly blessed lyrical writer, arranger personified, and a technical engineer. His creativeness in digital recording, editing, and mastering allows him to get the best out of an individual (not limited to musical or vocal artists). He takes on the challenges that producers and writers face creating a viable product. Denny, is a percussionist who uses the keyboards to enhance his song writing ability. His strength lies in his lyric writing and arrangements. Ho also sings lead and background vocals. He is a poetic publisher that performs and produce with humility. He remains humble and modest regardless of the hype often associated with success in the musical industry. He wants most of all to make a contribution to God’s creation that in some way helps in the healing process and share with anyone willing to listen.

Best Always,

Denny Jenkins

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Christian Contributing Blogger
The Wedding Feast is a fantastic Parable Matt 22. It starts by introducing: The kingdom of Heaven and what it is like. There are several parables that start this way. Many like hearing about Heaven regardless of what they think or do. Would you take a 20 min break out of your day to look at what heaven WILL be like?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christian Pop Artist Rebecca Kalyani
Featured Christian Pop Artist Rebecca Kalyani (formerly known as Gina Mariah) has made it to the Semi Finalist of the “Emerging Artist Contest”.

The Emerging Artist Contest is becoming one of the premier talent contest for local unsigned artist in Los Angeles CA. The contest includes intense singing and will be taped for Emerge TV.

Rebecca intends to use this opportunity to expose her talent to the local audience. She will also use the contest to help her succeed in the music industry. The contest provides seminars and resources on various topics related to the entertainment industry.

Rebecca's next round will be April 14th and the Finale show on April 26th with over 15,000 in prizes for the 1st place winner! 

If you are in the local area your support is appreciated!

To support us through text and virtual participation:

(the code is rebecca Kalyan#9 or just the #9 by itself). 

 You can also go to the website at: http://www.myemergetv.com/#!voting/c1hi3

You can vote up to 5 times via text. Voting starts Tuesday 7 PM PST. to Thursday Midnight PST.