Wednesday, September 17, 2014

James Craig - Contemporary Gospel Artist

James presentation into music started when he began singing in the choir at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church on Hilton Head Island, SC. And also appreciating the singing styling's of such craftsman as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and The Pips, The O'jays, and Teddy Pendergrass. His incredible affection is gospel music, for example, Shirley Caesar, Andre Crouch, and The Winans.

James dependably had adoration for singing, however with minimal fearlessness, and being somewhat bashful he didn't seek after his affection until he was around 22 years of age. While seeking after his recording vocation in the early 90's James concluded that he would put it off to raise his two children Landon (J-R Datruth) and Tarik (Deceased).

Presently at 49 years of age, James has by and by grabbed his second love (Jesus being the first), and putting himself out there with the arrival of his first single 'Everyone Needs To Know (Jesus).'

Each Body Needs To Know (Jesus) is a contemporary gospel tune where James is the author, arranger and maker.

James went to the SAE Institute of sound engineering in Atlanta, GA, where he rediscovered his affection for music.

He is the writer of a book titled A Man Like God, which will soon be accessible at major online and offline bookshops.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

J.O.E. - Jesus Operated Evangelist

Joseph Gay III is a 33-year-old God fearing servant, spouse to his partner and closest companion of 6 years Latoya and father to their three astounding kids Ny'dia, Amauri, and Elijah.

Joseph gave his life to Christ at 17 yet amid the season of his life still rapped secular music. Since changing over to Gospel in 2007 his life has changed significantly. He now utilizes his blessing to model to the individuals who are lost and those that are attempting to discover their direction. He has made it his individual mission to help bring souls to Christ by setting an example in what he teaches through his music.

He is at present chipping away at his first collection titled "Be Alert" in which he imparts his confirmation of his life in sin and how God spared his life and changed his outlook. He and his family right now lives in Richmond, VA where he presently works a 9-5, however has made it an objective to go into full time service through gospel rap.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Album "Among The Gods" By Stephanie Greaves Gets The Attention of Radio Stations

Songwriter, Singer, and Pastor Stephanie Greaves is definitely receiving the popularity dully merited for recording her new album, "Among The Gods"!

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Radio Stations are lined up for a interview with Stephanie and they are eager to speak with the creative person behind the vocals of a tremendous collection! Devine Jamz Gospel Network created an inventory of a number of the favored radio stations that has interviewed Stephanie and those that are scheduled to interview Stephanie within the coming days!

L.I.F. Talk With Host Cherie (USA) 16th June 2014 - (UK Time)

Colourful Radio (London) 6th September 8:00am – 8:30 am (UK Time)    

New Style Radio (Birmingham) 7th September 2:00 pm (UK)

Signature Entertainment (New York) 11th September 1:30 pm (UK Time)

LUV316 (London) 19th September Time to be TBC

Ujima Radio (Bristol) Sat 20th September 2:30 pm (UK Time)

Friday, September 5, 2014

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition Feature - Perfect For Promoting Music, TV, And Movies!

Artists no longer need to wait on other media platforms to announce your music when playing! 

TuneCore's New Facebook Audio Recognition feature detects music from headsets of a iOS and Android so that either you, your fans, or a marketing team can share the music at any given time.

No matter if it's a song that you created, a song you discovered, a TV show you're watching, or perhaps a new movie. If you switch on the New Facebook Audio Recognition feature while your ios or Android headset is on, you can share it immediately through your status box! Facebook has giving musicians and others another means to do-it-yourself!

For our marketers at Devine Jamz Gospel Network, this is absolutely cool for us when we are listening to our featured artist's music on the go. It will help us share their music easily to a targeted audience we obtain from marketing campaigns! Check out the promo video and get started now through our partner over at TuneCore! It's news that's hot off the Press!

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Shanti Chapman - Christian Recording Artist

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Shanti P. Chapman was born in Washington, DC on January 21, 1973. He spent the majority of his pre-adult years living in Charleston, WV. Shanti experienced heartache and disappointment at an early age due to the divorce of his parents at the age of 10. He emotionally spun out of control and began experimenting with drugs and alcohol and became sexually active due the combination of his heartache and not being closely supervised.

At the age of 15, Shanti began crying out to God and asking him that if he was real, to reveal himself to him. Soon after, people began to surround him and teach him about Jesus and Salvation. Shanti accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and his life was been radically transformed from that moment. In fact, gospel music had a major influence upon him receiving Christ. Shanti explains “The Spirit of God was so strong in the Gospel music that I was listening to that I knew that God was drawing me to be saved and have a relationship with him. From that point on he knew that he wanted to be a gospel musician. His passion for gospel music continued to grow even stronger because of knowing how one can be changed by the power of gospel music.

Shanti completed his bachelor’s degree in Music Administration from the University of Charleston, Charleston, WV in 1996. He furthers his studies at Berklee College of Music in Piano, Voice, and Music Business from 1997-2001. He was an Intern for EMI Gospel, Nashville, TN in the summer of 1999. He completed his Master Degree in Piano Performance from Marshall University, Huntington, WV in 2007. He has served in the US Army as a musician since 2009. He is currently serving in with the 98 Army Band as their principal piano player.

Shanti Chapman founded the group “Manifest Destiny” in 2013 as the result of the strong passion to see the many songs that God has blessed him to write over the years come to life. The purpose of Manifest Destiny is much deeper than music. The intention is to inspire people to identify their Godly purpose and motivate them to follow through by faith and action to see that every promise that God has given is manifested in the present reality.

Shanti Chapman and Manifest Destiny are currently in the production phase of their debut project. From the beginning it was important for Manifest Destiny to ensure that every song that is chosen is inspired by God and can be a mouthpiece for what God is saying to this current generation. The Lord has blessed Manifest Destiny with songs that are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit, relevant, prophetic, and catchy to the ear.

Shanti Chapman and Manifest Destiny’s mission statement is “to break down barriers in people’s minds bringing them closer to the presence of God in order to bring restoration, new direction, and motivation” Their blend of Jazz Harmonies, R&B, and Contemporary Gospel is refreshing to the ear and soothing to the soul.

Shanti Chapman has released the Solo Single “Now is the Season” by Shanti Chapman as his debut to the Gospel Industry. Following releases will be a combination of his solo work, Shanti Chapman & Manifest Destiny, as well as some of his production work with other gospel artists. Each song will be released as the Lord leads.

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