Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Music With A Mission

Music Mission

I call it "Music With A Mission" because it is just that! I find it not only reaches believers, but also some who are not Christians has bought my first song.

About The Artist

Hello, my name is Gina Mariah. I moved out to Los Angeles last year from MN to pursue acting, singing and voiceover work. My first single is called "Do You Know?" It asks the question do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I care? It is a Christian song with references to faith, but one couple had me sing it for their wedding. It is catchy and many have said uplifting or inspiring. As long as God is speaking to my listeners through my music I'm thrilled at whatever meaning they take from my music. Someday when I write a book the title will be "Truly a Miracle" because that's how my life started out.

What Motivates Me

I was born in India and abandoned on the streets. As a result of being abandoned I lost my sight in one eye due to malnutrition and most in the other. But, through the grace of God I am still here today! Being legally blind has actually proven to be a gift and a unique way for me to be set apart to do what God is asking of me. My acting teacher calls it "my asset". If you listen to my song maybe you will receive a message that's meaningful to you as well!

How You Can Support

You can support my music ministry by purchasing my song on iTunes. Another way is by donating towards "Music With A Mission" on my gofundme web page. I've always known this is my "calling"! For a while I did other things. I went to college and then got my master's degree. But, last year I competed in several competitions in Los Angeles for acting and singing and God just opened the doors so wide I had to move out here. I feel blessed and like I've done the right thing. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and I thank you in advance for your support!

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Direct-To-Fan Marketing Representation Designed For Sales And Business Solutions


Direct-To-Fan Marketing Representation Designed For Sales And Business Solutions

Direct-To-Fan Marketing Representation

It's no secret that major record labels know longer control all of radio, venues, and distribution channels as they did in the past. Yes, they can make it easier to get on commercial radio or on the limited shelf space in a retail store. But, Indie artists have a choice to also “do-it-yourself” or hire a creative marketing team to be an advocate that will help you push your product.  

Case in point, the Direct-To-Fan model completely bypasses the major record label model. It allows artists, marketers, promoters and other representatives to create interest by identifying targeted fans, using automated software tools, develop a relationship, monetize those relationships, and use those relationships to expand their fan base. It also serves as a model for up sales and the ability to market to the same person over and over again! Sounds pretty simple right! The concept actually is! Strategies used in direct-to-fan marketing has been used for several decades. But I have to admit it takes time, hard work, and can even take several hundred dollars. If you are going to do-it-your self some of the expenses to consider is the cost for paid campaign ads, automated software tools, search engine optimization techniques, a website created for capturing targeted leads, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and other marketing strategies and sources. Also, depending on your budget targeting your fans can take days, weeks, or even months before you will see any generated traffic that will excite you!

Marketing That Generate Traffic To  Take Action 

Marketing The GospelUnfortunately, many artists don’t factor in the cost to generate traffic to take action for purchasing their listed music. Artists are lead to believe that online distributors or publishers will push music for them. And after they realize that they need to generate traffic and a call-to-action in place, they try to do it themselves. This is the area of Internet Marketing where musicians struggle with the most. They use the direct-to-fan model of thinking, but with the major record label techniques, which is ineffective.

But fret not, we are here to help you! With our services you will be among our current Spotlight Artists that benefit in two important ways, time and money!

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Our Gospel Music Marketing Representation use five websites; capture lead web pages, and multi-media partners working together to promote Independent Gospel Artists. We put in the time and work to target the fans that are interested in your type of music and the experience you bring along with it. The money artists save is almost ridiculously crazy! Anyone who has done the homework can tell you that we remove the financial burden and tedious work to effectively market your music!

Be careful not to get caught up with websites where thousands might go just to look at the bells and whistles. Many of you have tried that and done that and still have not obtain the notoriety or sales you thought you would receive. I know it looks great when your music is listed on fancy big time websites, but many of those sites leave all the work for the consumers to take action. Fans are looking for more than a listing with your music. They want your personal attention! And that means you need to have a systematic marketing strategy that initiate the dialogue to begin the process of establishing a rapport! I know that’s a big demand for one person to handle! Especially, if you have a full time job, family to care for, ministry duties etc! But, we are here to help you and will be the representative you need for marketing.

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Not only that, we include a half hour radio interview, 3 of your songs played during the interview, an archive that can be used in promos at a later date, banners listed on marketing websites, publicity content in the banner of our professional social network, online Christian magazine publication, online Gospel music newspaper publications, tracks on digital players, video advertising on various websites, featured artist static page on wordpress and blogger, various blog posts, distribution on 4 huge marketing networks, and a rotating splash page. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Music Deserves Great Distribution and Publishing Don’t You Agree?

Before you get to anxious and get your new project published and distributed to stores, first examine who deserves the opportunity to distribute your hard work! Many artists make the mistake going directly to online distributors without researching for themselves ahead of time stats that reveals revenue earned by current indie artists.


This is very important because without a creative marketing team that typically promote your project using various strategies to target your audience; you leave all the work on the distributor to create sells! Therefore, one should be able to view important income data as listed on TuneCore's Artist Milestone Infographic page! They are transparent and they have the stats and testimonies by indie artists to prove it!

Blog Post By
Brenda Solomon
Operations General Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Marketing: www.devinejamz.net

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Audition For A Non-Profit Christian Ministry That Searches For Actors, Models, Singers And Dancers


AMTC Auditions Are Here!


Are You Called?

Actors, Models & Talent for Christ (AMTC) is coming to your town. If you're a talented actor, singer, dancer, model or comedian, we want to meet you. Perhaps God is calling you to the emerging mission field of the entertainment industry. Registration is easy, fast and free, so register today!

For more information, and to see a complete list of auditions:
visit AMTCaudition.com


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Man That Has Much To Be Thankful For!

Dr. John E. Bell is A Surgical Podiatrist with 5 office locations in his home area of Memphis, TN. Dr. Bell is also a book author of 4 books and is a music artist of Soul/Gospel music. He has recorded 2 albums one EP album and his album "Dating again" is actually a movie soundtrack for a movie he Co-directed, acted in and Produced entitled, "The Internal Mist of Love"(2014). The movie was inspired from his famous book, "Invasion of the Baby Daddy" and the book,"Do I fit the Color of the Rainbow?"(amazon.com). Dr. Bell has performed his unique and soulful music in Memphis at the Historical Daisy theater on Beale Street and at the famous Levitt-Shell theater in Memphis as well. He has performed in London, England, Holland, Amsterdam and Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Bell has one child and is a proud Father and thankful for all that God has blessed for him to achieve. Dr. John Bell is open for all the forth coming opportunities to share his message of God's greatness with his music, movie and career.



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