Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Mission Time

How would you like to pay your $50 restaurant bill for $20 and be tax deductible? 

Restaurant.com Cards being offered to you by our nonprofit organization. Your cards will be good at more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide. These are $50.00 cards good from New York-California. Purchase and receive your cards in the mail.

Here are just a few popular restaurants:

Wisconsin: Stuc's Pizza. Legacy Supper Club, Diner West Wis., Wolf River Diner, Twister's Bar & Grill, Northern Lights Bar & Grill, Shoots Bar & Grill

New York: Lucca Fine Italian Cuisine, Bistro Ten 18,Bartolino's,The Green Olive, Angus' Cafe Bistro

California: Creme De La Crepe Bistro, Luna Park, The Hollywood Corner, French Market Cafe, California Canteen,Le Petit Chateau

Please feel free to contact us at: dcministry2011@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or ordering.

Priced at $20 That's a whopping $30 savings!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Collection of Cozy And Uplifting Music Performed By Phil Marks Sr.

A Collection of Cozy And Uplifting Music Performed By Phil Marks Sr.

This Collection of Cozy And Uplifting Music Performed By Phil Marks Sr. Set The Perfect Mood For A Evening With The Stars! It’s the inspirational music that one might want to hear at a Dinner Party or Small Meet And Greet Gathering! His style and presentation is also great for this modern time and age. As a Christian Marketing Promoter, I believe Phil can market his music with more than one option for delivery due to the diverse approach! Without a doubt, Devine Jamz Gospel Network is very pleased to lead Phil’s marketing project with an open invitation for record labels and promoters to review the array of songs!

Brenda Solomon
Operations General Manager
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

P.O. Box 321281
Houston, TX, 77221

About Phil Marks Sr:

Indie Singer/Songwriter Phil Marks Sr. believes that Christian music should help to interpret God's message to us, as applied in this modern age. In spite of all its faults, modern society has improved a lot along the lines of tolerance and understanding. Coinciding with that, Earthly churches have had to fine-tune their message to facilitate healthy interactions between all kinds of people. In a nutshell, we still believe in the same love of God, but share that love in different ways.

Phil grew up in Greenville Pa., went to college in Atlanta Ga. and currently works his day job as a software engineer in Fl. Phil met his wife, now Annie Marie Marks, in Atlanta in 1984 while she was also attending college there. Annie currently works her day job as a nurse. Their daughter Rose Ann Marks is a full time grad-student in international relations in Washington DC, and works part time. Their son, Phil Marks Jr. is an art-student grad-student in New York City.

Phil, Annie, and Rose have recently teamed up with arranger and instrumentalist Manfred Dreilich to compose and produce the original songs "Grace from heaven", "Come Away With Me", "Moment To Moment" and "Come Follow Me".

Music Inspirations:

Title Song of Album - "One Way Or Another" (We Answer The Call Of Love)

The title song of the album "One Way Or Another", featured here, advocates religious tolerance and personal choice. God's plans for others, regardless of gender, age, creed, or ethnic heritage, though not clear to us, can lead them to heavenly rewards greater than any we could imagine for ourselves.

The inspiration comes directly from the bible, where Jesus says to Peter: "You are rock. Upon this rock I will build my church". Today, God calls us all to be "Rocks", to spread the news of this great church on Earth. But we must be careful as we do this. Since we cannot claim to know God's complete plan for others, we should not sit in judgement over those who do not know what we know or believe what we believe, or who do not follow whom we follow. But when we feel in our hearts that God is showing us what is best for ourselves, we can be open to sharing those beliefs with others, as long as we are open to learning about their beliefs as well -- beliefs which they choose are best for them.

This is about getting back to Jesus' simple message of love and inclusion for everyone. Earthly churches have done a lot of good for the world. But this is not to say that all influences have been good. Over thousands of years organized religions have developed traditions and rules which don't always have their originally intended effects. As we move into the modern age, from time to time it becomes clear that certain long held practices are no longer sufficient to sustain healthy interactions between certain groups of people. While God intends for everyone to benefit from religious practices, there are some aspects of earthly religions which tend to inspire some groups to exclude others from participating fully. God wants each individual to be able to choose their own role, from the full variety of roles which exist within their chosen faith.


This is a simple song about how belief in God helps us through trying times, and especially when we help each other out.


This is about how Jesus invites all of us to follow Him: To help us through danger; to help us to overcome temptations; and to bring us together in order to help each other receive all the benefits of Jesus' love.

Music Review:

DJ Holyghost - Rhema Gospel Radio

The songs on this album are more than beautiful, they worship Jesus for His love, peace, joy and the power that's in His name. These worship ballads are very smooth with a nice melody and easy to sing along heartfelt lyrics.

The Lord uses Phil's voice to in a way that will capture the listener though his equally moving flows, resulting in songs which will feed the soul and rejuvenate the spirit from personal worries or trouble.

Phil Marks and Artistic Christian Artist with a solid album that should reach audiences worldwide!

Phil Marks Sr. Website:



Social Network:


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jermaine Morgan's "LIFE" album is a breath of fresh air!

Gospel/Jazz bassist Jermaine Morgan’s new album “Life” is one of the best projects available now. Though most reviews open with similar lines, this statement holds true for this musical masterpiece! From start to finish, the journey this album takes you on is one you never want to end; and thanks to most auto repeat options, it doesn’t have to! “Life” by Jermaine Morgan is your new favorite album.
Throughout his musical career Jermaine has had the honor of sharing the stage with many names such as Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, Darwin Hobbs, Juanita Bynum, Byron Cage, Richard Smallwood, Dottie Peoples, William Murphy, Myron Williams, Trent Cory, Saxiphonist Angella Christie and many others. He Currently serves as bassist for New Birth M.B. Church in Atlanta GA, where he regularly plays to over 25,000 members weekly. 
The opening track featuring “Yana” (his daughter) and fellow bassist Nate Holloman team up to set the tone for the whole album…a real jam album! Morgan, an accomplished bassist doesn’t shy away from camaraderie either, Holloman is just one of the many other bassist giving ‘life’ to this project!
Where He Gets it From
Jermaine Morgan is originally from the small town of Houston, Mississippi. He is a very versatile musician and producer from a very musical family. He and his older brother Ken grew up watching their mother play bass and piano for the local home church. Naturally, the interest in music was passed down to the both of them. In his earlier years of learning, Jermaine says that he was taught most of what he learned by his older brother who was also a multi instrumentalist.
Another musical gem on this album is “No Words” which transports listeners to a place of euphoria, entranced by the ethereal synth sounds and smooth bass melodies. Towards the middle of the album, Morgan introduces possibly the smoothest groove on the album entitled: “Prayer Melody” which features Ron James, Darius Fant and Anthony Dixon.
There truly are ‘no words’ to describe how amazing this psalm of worship is. Add it to your devotion or meditation time playlist. Upon hearing it, the song was immediately added to the SoulProsper Radio “Healing Stream” playlist which airs nightly from 10pm-8am CST.
A real highlight of the album is “Funky Time” which features some more familiar names Carlton “C-Dub” Whitfield (organ, who recently released his own album), Jeremy Haynes (drums) and Alan “Snoop” Evans, one of the most in demand bassists in gospel music.
Much like “Yana’s Groove”, Morgan draws on his hometown (Houston, Mississippi) roots in another down home jam! The closer employs bass, synth bass and the funkiest trio and rhythm section on wax.

You can purchase Morgan's previous projects here and for all things Jermaine Morgan, visit his website!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Viral Music Tool Kit will be DOUBLING in PRICE this Thursday at MIDNIGHT!

The Viral Music Tool Kit is a collection of tools including the Viral Music Player, the Viral Video Player, the Viral Image Revealer, and the Viral Download Revealer. These are a no brainer for any musician who would like to see their music go viral. Each tool is sold individually or as part of the complete tool kit. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Internet Radio Promotions Servicing Independent Artists in Over 100 Countries Worldwide

Online Radio Stations Recommended For Independent Gospel Artists That's Interested In Having A Broadcast Show, Need Airplay, Advertising, And Listeners Who Will Hear Your Music And/Or Ministry!