Monday, June 29, 2015


Recording Artist Rachelle Bleakley

Christian recording artist Rachelle Bleakley is blessed with the gift of music that can only come from God himself. When you listen to her sing, you might think you are actually sitting in Heaven with the choirs of angels, but in reality, she’s bringing Heaven to earth through her gift of song.

As a Worship Leader at Faith Church, in New Milford, CT, Rachelle had the honor of being mentored by Gospel great Alvin Slaughter. She has led women’s conferences as a leader in Christ Is Life Ministries, Outreach, Inc and has shared her testimony of deliverance in numerous churches and conferences. She continues to lead worship at Faith Church and can be seen on the “Praise the Lord” show on WTBN TV.

Songwriter Deborah Wolf

Rachelle’s sister, Deborah Wolf has been writing Praise & Worship, CCM, Gospel, and Inspirational Country music since 2001. Her Top 40 Inspirational release of “Let Me Be Jesus to Someone Today” played on radio’s Gospel Country Countdown and was featured in Power Source Magazine Feb 2013. Since then she’s written several more singles for her sister Rachelle that have been featured on radio throughout the country. “I Don’t Know Why” and Rachelle’s latest radio single “I Find Grace” were both penned by her sister, Deborah. “My passion is to share the truth of God’s word through music, especially with those who are struggling and encourage them to know that God is bigger than anything they are going through.” She longs to inspire people everywhere to “Embrace Grace One Note at a Time”.

Website: PraiseWorthy Publisging

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

There are souls to be saved and it may simply be only one that was assigned to you by God! 

Helping save souls now

Are you going to tell God that you will not use your gift and talent unless a major label contact you first?

God did not give us gifts and talent to do his work if it wasn’t meant for us to be successful. Be that as it may, what we call fruitful may not quite be the same as what God say is fruitful. We once in a while attempt to think ahead of God by seeking other resources to complete a task rather than work with what we got. 
Helping save souls now
Using The Power of God

If you are a saved child of God, then you have power within you to do what God has purposed you to do right now. But he will not release power that you may not be ready to use or purposed for. Case in point, if you are trying to use your spiritual gift to sell a million records rather than save the souls within your reach your thinking could be wrong.

God does not need any help connecting you to the soul(s) intended to hear your voice. And not everyone that serves him will get a hand clap from hundreds, thousands, or millions of people, as we would like. Try not to be discouraged and give up spreading the word of God. If things are not going your way that’s because many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails (Proverbs 19:21).

Count It All Joy

Helping save souls now
Continue doing as you were doing creating awesome music. Learn to receive joy and be thankful for being able to just use the gift and talent God gave you. Truth be told, we should all be happy using our gift weather we get paid for it or not. It should be something that we don’t need a crowd or audience for. It might be a wife, husband, children, or close companion that receive the blessing from hearing your Godly music. Keep a positive attitude and sooner or later God will pour down his blessings on you like you never envision he would do!

Stay focused and always seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Christian Music Review Partnership That Offers Free Marketing And Advertising Benefits

Christian Music Review Partnership
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We invite Christian Music Reviewers to join our online team of professionals! We are accepting multi - talented and gifted reviewers who are capable of formulating an intellectual opinion on the value and degree of excellence of individual works of music, or whole groups in the Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Christian Rock, or Southern Gospel genres'.


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An alternative is that you should be familiar with the Blogger platform to post reviews on our blog. SEO techniques are required.

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3. The usual tasks of a music reviewer include writing reviews of newly released Christian cd's and records and conducting interviews with musicians, performers, bands, etc.


1. Reviewers have access to our high-ranking Gospel Music PR Blog to promote their own website/ministry and client reviews, thus gain more fans from our followers.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Christian Rap Artist "Pookie Wit Tha Uzi" has been selected for a second time to receive Satellite TV Airplay but this time for the music video "Superstar".!tv-airplay/c1vyd
With persistence this recording artist has made up his mind that he will minister the Gospel with out a label and keep full control of his music ministry. He is obviously not the stereotypical artist that is focused on getting a major record deal to be a superstar. No, Adrian Logan (Pookie wit tha Uzi) is focused on saving souls within his reach.  He is doing what God has favored him to do one step at a time precept by precept. He is permitting the Spirit of the Lord to guide him as He see fits. And because of that Devine Jamz Gospel Network has acknowledge his servant type lifestyle. The video "Superstar" will air on Satellite TV the week of August 3, 2015. View the program page for specific times and the exact network channels.

Check out the video "Inside The Song Superstar" and listen to a young man whose thoughts are focused on God's purpose and not the world's glamour!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Creating the idea website can make a big impact on your online reputation. 

Online Reputation for Musicians
In practical terms your online reputation is what ever shows up in the search results. It includes what people say about you on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It can be reviews of your band, brand, music, albums, track, and or business. It’s information that can be used as press and or news. And of course your photos and videos make a strong visible impact. Your content is crucial because it will determine what others perceive about you. Therefore, it's important that artist’s control the search results so that when an Internet user searches you the results will return positive and relevant. Hopefully, your position will be on the 1st page.

Online Reputation for Musicians
I think its fair to say that every performer would like to present their music to the world in the best way possible. Yet very few are aware how to effectively give their website the consideration it merits. Artists must be aware of the design to promote and sell your music. Avoid common design mistakes (like Flash and frames). Create more traffic for your site with SEO. Focus on the exceptionally imperative press and booking areas, and utilize tools for measuring your site's analytics, such as StatCounter.

According to Google (February 2014), 53% of Internet users do not go past the first two results when searching for what they are looking for. 89% of users do not go past page 1 of results. 99% of users do not go past page 2 of results. Primarily the first page of the results judges you. 1 out of 4 artists that appear online have no content at all on the first page. And 15% have at least one negative result on the first page that damage their reputation.

The video below is apart of an online course that can help artists and musicians with:

  • Identifying the key elements of a successful band website
  • Visual design and navigation tips
  • Optimizing media for your site
  • Adding a website description and meta tags
  • Designing the press and booking sections
  • Measuring your website's performance

If requested, our music marketing team will be happy to consult and market any qualifying artists that have the media and budget for targeting an audience that’s interested in your type of music.

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