Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Christian Documentary Film

New Christian Documentary Film

There are millions of people who are confused by the many different branches of Christ and require direction. BegBiz is pleased to announce the completed production of their upcoming documentary film entitled “Denominations of Christ.”

The goal of the film is to provide explanations of the similarities and differences between Non-Denominational, Catholic, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Orthodox, Protestant, Methodist, Mormon, 7th day Adventist, Jehovah Witness, Baptist, and other Christian ministries to help people who seek direction and also to help bring them closer to Christ

To achieve this goal, the makers of the upcoming documentary reached out to a number of pastors and theologians and conducted interviews. They asked several questions that were pertaining to ministry, inclusiveness, service, and interfaith work. BegBiz believes the movie will be a great platform for viewers to explore the many opportunities and branches of Christianity and help them determine which denomination is right for them.

An upcoming series of films profiling individuals from different religious traditions, geographic locations, ethnic identities and generations as they practice their faith is also in the works. It is the intention of these series to act as a supplement to each denomination’s beliefs.

"Denominations of Christ" is a documentary created to educate, inspire and enlighten those seeking a better understanding of our Lord and Savior. You can find out more information about the upcoming documentary by visiting their website where you can view a segment of the film.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sales And Marketing In The Music Industry

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Lets face it, many of us did not ask to get in the sales and marketing business. 

But it's something we will have to learn if we are trying to market and sell a service or product! Of course, we can always hire a creative marketing team. Still, you should learn some basics to assure you're not being taken advantage of.

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Learning About Cars Saved My Mom Thousands

I learned from my mother that unless I have enough money where that I need not balance my checkbook. I better learn some essential information about what ever I need to purchase and how to reduce the cost. Otherwise I'm going to watch life pass me by waiting on a deal or a freebie! When I was a child, my mother had no intentions of being an auto mechanic. Yet believe me when I tell you she learned early how to service the fundamental upkeep to her vehicle and saved 30 to 60 dollars when her car needed a tune-up. Mom had no problems taking out a spark plug and getting a little dirt on her hands. Why? She despised surrendering cash for basic things that auto mechanics could have effortlessly advised her the manner by which to do-it-herself. I can only imagine how much money mom would have saved if the Internet were around back in the day. She would be a walking encyclopedia. The Internet can give you so much information and access to credible databases where you can teach yourself about the sales and marketing business.

Sales And Marketing in The Music Industry
Don't Be Intimidated By Marketing Terms

Now if you've done a little homework on the Sales and Marketing business, you ought to have some essential thought where to begin with your project. On the other hand, you might be like some who fear the fancy words and info graphs that is used in marketing and haven’t gone near the text. Don’t believe the hype saints! That is, I have discovered that the words utilized are only a trade for normal words we use in our ordinary walk in life.

For example, "Conversion = A sell or some type of result"; "Leads = A contact name and email"; "Direct Marketing = Communicating directly to the consumer"; "ROI = Return On Marketing Investment" etc. Heck, the average marketer has no clue of the basic music terms! Unless music marketing is their niche, they are probably just afraid to go near the subject in fear of looking unintelligent. On the other hand, if they want to make money marketing music they will research and learn the meaning of the terms and purpose used in the music industry. Such as "Indie = Independent"; "Lead Sheet = A form of musical notation"; "16 Bars = 16 measures of the music"; "Beats = Regular rhythmic pattern" etc.

It Helps To Utilize Resources That Broaden Your Thinking

So fear not the sales and marketing business child of God! Simply make the plunge where you require service and start researching using sites like wikipedia for definitions. You can also go to our digital marketing magazine where we maintain updated marketing articles to help broaden your thinking. You will feel confident as you start believing more in your self. Not to mention you’ll save hundreds of dollars on the grounds that marketing can be exceptionally expensive! Let me know how things turn out for you. I'm eager to read what you received from doing a little research. God bless and I hope this blog has been of some encouragement and inspiration!


Brother Ray 
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Business-Plan Software Provider Can Help Musicians With Fundraising

If you want your music to be taken seriously when pitching for funding, we urge you to introduce an expert looking marketable strategy in the MBA form.

Fundraising Business Plan And Software
Our New Business-Plan Software Provider 

After much research and consideration, Devine Jamz Gospel Network collaborated with the #1 business planning company in the world and opt-in to a marketing partnership that comprehends the meaning of "affordable" to independent musicians. Our new business provider will now take on large scale projects and help you write and manage your fundraising or kickstarter campaign by offering you the best programming that is used and trusted by more than 250,000 ambitious entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Fundraising Business Plan And Software
Get Fanancial Support With Appealing MBA Format 

It's no secret that indie artists are left with financing their own music project and must compete to receive available funds through fundraising and kickstarter campaigns. With a small investment you now have the opportunity to present a professional fundraising campaign with details that will certainly get the attention of serious lenders or investors.

If you don't think you need a professional appearance when presenting your pitch for funding, just go to Kickstarter and look at the indie musicians that received thousands of dollars in donations. I can guarantee that every one of those folks have a professional looking campaign and business content that appears they went to school for a MBA.

Are You Ready To Get More Involved Promoting Music?

You can not afford to present poor quality content in any way! There are artists who are for real and not playing around about their music business! They have used their money wisely and properly invested in them selves. But you can get the same jump-start when you connect with our business plan partners!

You don’t need thousands or hundreds of dollars either. We made the connection for you so that all you need to do is just receive the business plan blessings

Help At Every Step

Our business-planning expert, Tim Berry, provides advice and guidance at every stage of your plan. Business Plan Pro takes the guesswork out of writing a business plan. 

Everything You Need

Every chart, graph, and table that you'd expect to find in a business plan are included. You even get detailed industry research, tons of business resources, and more.

Get started now! Let us know if we can be of help in the connection process!

Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Christian Marketing Promoters

Monday, February 9, 2015

The king has one more move

Can I take you back to the story of two men in a museum who saw a painting of a chess game. One character in the painting looked like a man and the other looked very much like the devil. The man was down to his last piece. The title of the painting was “Checkmate.” One of the two men looking at the painting was an international chess champion. Something about the painting intrigued him. He began to study it. He grew so engrossed that the man with him got a little impatient and asked what he was doing. The chess champion said, “Something about this painting bothers me. I want to study it for a while and you go ahead and wander around.”

When the friend came back, the chess master said, “We must locate the man who painted this picture. We must tell him he must either change the picture or change the title. I have determined there is something wrong with it.” His friend asked, “What’s wrong with the painting?” The man replied, “It is titled ‘Checkmate,’ but the title is wrong. The game is not over. The king still has one more move.”

If you have a moment, would you come in and listen to what the word like us to learn through this? The king has 1 more move

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Helpful Marketing Resource With Front Line Articles

Helpful Marketing Resource

New Marketing Resource

If you enjoy the gospel music entertainment news we publish in our weekly newspaper. I think you will appreciate the helpful marketing front line articles published in Devine Jamz Digital Magazine. It has tons of “do-it-yourself” marketing tips, strategies, and resources all in one location. The forefront articles are elegantly composed and reviewed before they are published. We have searched out the best of the best to provide for you mindfulness on how organizations showcase their products and services.

Easy To Read Language

One thing I can guarantee, you don’t need a four-year degree to learn many of the techniques you will find in the articles. No, what you need is the will power to 
learn what you may not be interested in. That includes reading the fundamentals about marketing. At the very least, you should be aware of what indie record labels define as “marketing” in their services. As stated in Hosea 4:6 “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge”. I mean that from the context of not taking advantage of free data that teach you what you should know about various marketing techniques. 

Working Together

Devine Jamz Gospel Network has bent over backwards sharing knowledge learned from doing the research and taking time out of our lives to receive the training. Yet numerous artists still approach us with the goal of receiving free marketing services notwithstanding what we as of now accommodate for free! Let me say this, if you are one of those Christians who are focused only on yourself. Step back and re-examine yourself! There are many parts to the body of Christ and each part depends on each other. What makes you think that marketers can survive based on total free services? Even some with a 501(c) need donations to help maintain a ministry or business.

Unfortunately, some of you have been taken advantage of by a few record labels, businesses, and promoters who prey on those that don’t understand the marketing industry. They tell you they will provide top of the line marketing, but they don’t tell you that’s after you sell so many records on your own first. After they create your fancy web page and list your music in iTunes, you’re left with all the work of creating marketing strategies and pushing the music yourself. It’s not surprising because truth be told that’s one of the ways of knowing for sure that they will get a return on what they will invest in you through marketing services. However, the approach sometimes is very deceptive and not straightforward. Well, here is the opportunity to learn how to ask the right questions regarding marketing and what to look for before signing a contract.

We do our best providing freebies, but at certain levels of our services we also need a return on investment so we can keep the platforms running. The founder and financial investor of Devine Jamz Gospel Network certainly are not in it for the wealth! That’s proven by the low and affordable rates we offer Christian ministries. Yet, getting in debt and taking food from the table to market artists is not in the plans either.

You Save By Learning More

So, unless you are going to pay those that deserve to be compensated for doing what benefits you both. I propose you begin perusing free marketing resources every moment you can. The great thing is that you have us as an advocate who want to see you win in this spiritual fight! We will put marketing resources in our magazine in one location where you can easily retrieve the content. Once you start learning some of the easy do-it-yourself marketing techniques, you will gain confidence to take on more challenges. Please let us know if this has been of some help through your comment!

Brother Ray, A.
Devine Jamz Gospel Network