Friday, November 21, 2014

A New Launched MerchLink That Offers Recording Artists A Discount For A Limited Time!

TuneCore's Newly Launched MerchLink Offers Indie Artists A Discount That Might Be Of Some Help For Business!
Interested artists seeking merchandise to sell at your next show click on TuneCore New MerchLink to explore your options. They are offering a 10% discount on one of your purchase for a limited time! Compare and contrast their items and see if this works for you!

Devine Jamz took a look at some of the items and we feel that much of the merchandise is pretty much standard for what some artists already use. So, you might get a better deal through TuneCore if you examine their prices!

Of course being the analytical folks we are, a couple of our staff members was discussing how cool it would be if artists could get their local Church to use their 501c status to get merchandise and sell it to raise funds on behalf of an artist’s worship performance. And for the merchandise that did not sell during your event, it could be used to sell at another worship performance!

Providing it’s within the legal boundaries it sure does sound cool don't you think? Why don’t you check it out! Let us know at Devine Jamz how it goes! As always, we wish you God’s devine favor and much prayer for your music ministry! Stay blessed and we will talk soon!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Profound Movies of Inspiration And Motivation That Almost Never Make Their Way to Your Local Theater!
Look at this and see what it accomplishes for you! Consistently get four motivating motion pictures on DVD in addition to thousands all the more on Gaiam TV!

This collection of a feature plus three short films is available exclusively from Spiritual Cinema Circle. For a limited time new members who sign up will receive the DVD for free (just pay shipping and handling).

Your month to month determination of elevating films from Spiritual Cinema Circle DVD club incorporates a mixture of peculiarities, shorts and documentaries that investigate soul, deep sense of being, presence, profound quality, empathy, the influence of the mind, mysticism and other advancing points that take your individual excursion further.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Power of Meditation In The Kingdom of God
Another Black Diamond Enterprises Network Production! Join Cherie Holloman on BlogTalkRadio as she will be speaking about The Power of Meditation in the Kingdom of God!


Tuesday, November 11th at 6:30pm - 7:00pm EST

Radio Show Link:

Call in to listen and/or speak with Cherie:


Black Diamond Enterprises Network:

Black Diamond Enterprises Network presents "Finally Speaking with Lady Rie"! Cherie (Lady Rie) mother of Jasmine, Self-Published Author of "7 Powerful Habits to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life; Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit". She is a Life Coach, Minister, Speaker, CEO/Founder of Black Diamond Enterprises Network (Host of LIF Talk with Cherie), CEO/Founder of New Life Changes (Coaching Business). She has a Bachelors Degree in Divinity and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling.

Being a quiet vessel all of her life, God has now opened a door and venue for Cherie to Finally Speak! Join Cherie as she talk about different topics in the Kingdom of God from faith to mediation. This show is not a religious show but a show based on spirituality and truth from the Word of God and God speaking through her.

Visit Cherie At:

Or Email:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Gregory DeMyers and Company

Senior church leader Gregory Demyers Jr. is a local of Lansing, Michigan. He and his wife serve as the founders of Chosen by God Ministries and he is one of the liveliest Gospel recording artists today. He is a skilled and gifted man of God who adores his family and fears the Lord! Needless to say, he takes his ecclesiastical blessing very serious. He and his beautiful wife of nine years, Kisha have two lovely kids ages eight and five. His energy and excitement comprises of singing, playing, and composing motivational/gospel sounds that sooth the mind, soul, and spirit of all individuals regardless of the foundation.

Elder Gregory Demyers Jr. while tolerating his call to lecture at the age of twenty-one has had the chance to priest his celestial minstrel capacities for a lot of people vast and assorted crowds amid different occasions. Through the anointing that God has set on him, individuals have really been recuperated and conveyed through his service of music. While Elder Demyers is an element evangelist, psalmist, lyricist, and organist, he yet stays humble. Notwithstanding lecturing the gospel, Elder Demyers keeps on setting out upon his predetermination. Being determined by his enthusiasm he established "Gregory D and Company" the gospel bunch. Before he established Gregory D and Company, he was in the past an essayist and rapper in the Living In Victory (LIV) Music Group. His adoration for God is the thing that aids his choices and spurs him to become in service; he is committed to serve the Lord all the times of his life.

Gregory DeMyers and Company

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Marketing Results Are in For Indie Artist’s Earnings, Downloads, and Streams in The Third Quarter!

indie artists earningsTuneCore's Infograph is a reflection of more and more independent artists bypassing major record labels and utilizing their funds and vitality for a sensible methodology of marketing. In the third quarter of 2014, artist’s profit came to $32.7 million from downloads and streams. I'm almost sure that these artists are quite fine with not having a major record label calling the shots. By now, indie artists ought to realize that most major labels are searching for people who are not only great performers but additionally are doing great in record sells. They require confirmation that they will get a return of investment for the expenses used to market your music. So why would anybody need to go to a major record label after you have gained the financial support from a large following fanbase?

At Devine Jamz Gospel Network we advocate indie artists to budget their finances for various independent sources and services that target directly to fans! You needn't bother with a major record label to do that! Technology has changed the way individuals can interface, find, and listen to music. Music has been unleashed and utilized for feature video games, indie films, share and listen to, online commercial advertisements, thus numerous platforms and devices where music is used. TuneCore is a leading source with services that we believe is great for distribution and publishing. Their success speaks for it self! Artist total earnings are well over $400 million through downloads and streams since their launch in 2006 to September!

Anyhow remember; you have to additionally have a compelling promoting plan to pull in people to buy your music! Utilizing a technique that we use at Devine Jamz Gospel Network develop a compatibility and trust that will compliment your over all objective offering music through Tunecore's downloads and streams!

Take control over your career and learn how to do it yourself using independent marketers, distributors and publishing! Through God who strengthens you, anything is possible!

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